LJ’s Journal of delicious canna babies

I just accidentally deleted my first attempt at this :imp: so I will keep this one brief. I’m very new to growing, this is my third canna baby, a GDP photo. I have her in Canna Terra Professional soil. I’m growing in a laundry space in a tiny 42 sq metre city apartment so it’s one at a time at this stage.

I decided to journal this at @NUG61’s suggestion and I would appreciate your comments and advice.

She came out of that seed like a freight train and hasn’t looked back since.

First week: I just gave her pHed water for the first two weeks then started feeding Aptus nutes. Base plus CalMag. I have plenty of perlite and DE in the soil too.

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Week 5: she’s extremely robust and thirsty. Here she is in a 3 gallon fabric pot.

Week 8: you can see I have hardly removed any foliage but the air circ is good and this is the least humid time of the year here in south eastern Australia. Temp in the tent is 22-24 and RH around 55. I have just put her in the 7 gallon pot. I hadn’t factored in how heavy she would be as my first two plants were in 1 and 2 gallon pots that I can easily lift in and out of the tent. I can barely lift this so I have a platform with a drainage system built in arriving this week. Tomorrow I hope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have just started bending some branches down with these plastic clip thingies as I am about out of height space for the light.

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Uploading: 74C8EF99-C9A2-4673-8CF1-C965AC5B47EE.jpeg…
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Here is my outdoor garden where I am trying to create a balanced eco space to attract all the good bugs that eat things like fungus gnats and spider mites :wink:

I would ideally use this space to talk about improving my grow space, learning to read thé plant better etc.

Finally, my living room veggie patch:



You doin great… nice setup good lighting ventilation good nutrients all the love and care it needs… :100: nice outdoors as well … looks like you’re in a big city :flushed::exploding_head: imma country boy only a few neighbors around for a few miles…

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You can count of MeEasy for good advice. Top notch!!!

oh boy and she has not begun to stretch i.e. the period of rapid growth during the transition between veg and flowering stages.
You may need to consider some pruning with the intention of limiting its size. Cannabis can almost double in size during its stretch. My experience is more like 50 - 70%. This is still a lot of growth.
I recently grew GDP. ILGM describes its strain as compact. This description did not fit the GDP I grew. This is a photo of the GDP on the day I changed the lights to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

It is about 55cm tall. It is in a 3x3x7’ tent (83x83x178cm)

Two weeks later she was up to 30 - 33" and this is after several super cropping sessions.

Once it finishes stretching, they do not grow a lot more. All of its energy goes into producing flowers.

Your plant looks great and is very healthy. Consider some pruning and what it will look like after you flip her to flower.


Nice job LJ, she does look very healthy. Will def. follow along and watch her progress. We love pics, dont be shy about em. Ask the questions, your answer is here in these growmies. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:


Your lady is Gorgeous. Keep up the Great Work :blush::v:


Extremely nice plant! Incredible for such a lil space.

Also adorable cat. :v:

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Thanks man, yeah I picked GDP specifically because it’s compact but it doesn’t seem to be the case for this girlie either. Those pics look amazing.


Thank you. She grew to be much larger than I was anticipating. I had the room but still needed to do so super cropping so she didn’t get too close to the lights. I mentioned pruning because I didn’t want it to outgrow its space.
I flip most photos around 8 to 10 weeks depending on their rate of growth.

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I’m growing a red super skunk in a 2×2×4’ under a sf1000d in a 10g pot… it’s gonna be close…:upside_down_face::woozy_face::thinking:

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Day 60: It smells great in Ms Purple’s tent tonight. :smile:

I’m butchering the training though. I’ve accidentally snapped off a few branches; I noticed that, right after the points where I put the clips on her, her branches are growing a lot thicker and stronger. Each time I snapped her it sounded like a horse biting a fresh carrot. :star_struck:

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Another thing I have noticed is her trunk:

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She also has what might be light damage? as it only seems to be on the outer part of those big af shade leaves.

I’m way too rough when bending her branches as I’m noticing scar tissue from where I must have damaged her without even noticing.

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But damn she’s beautiful and I like hanging out with her :sweat_smile:

I need to be careful to keep watering her properly as I’ve never managed a 7 gallon pot before.

I’m feeding her at every watering. Opinions on that?

She gets Aptus Base plus Aptus CalMag. I added Dr Greenthumbs Ocean Grown CalMag to the soil each time she was repotted.

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And Layla practicing her meditation

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Where a branch is bent or injured new growth will heal it and can look like a swollen joint. There is a technique called chiropractic promulgated by Kyle Cushman. He twists a branch to breakdown its inner wall.
Light damage is usually a more solid patter along leaf edges. It is more often upper leaves that are affected.
To me the spots look more like early calcium deficiency. However this would not make sense since you are giving calmag unless it is caused by ph being out of range.
Do you ph its feed and water to a ph suitable for soil? (around 6.5)


I concur. Not light damage. It may be very, very early phosphorus. I say this because of the bright red fan leaf stems included in the other photos.

Not certain but a thought to consider


LJ don’t worry about a little break ok put aloe or honey on it tape it up and that’s it


Hey, yes I have seen Kyle’s videos and I subscribe to his channel. With these branches they snapped clean off though but I’m noticing that, where I decapitated her, she’s really powering on the branches that were either side. With the leaves, I’m still checking for signs that it’s getting worse. I realised I was still feeding her at 3/4 strength so she started on a full dose today. I’m pHing the water to 6.5. The runoff today was 5.7-8ish.

This is the soil she’s in. Not hot soil but ‘lightly fertilised’.

Here’s the info on the actual bag:

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Yeah you’re right. See my post about her nutrients. I gave her a full dose today and keeping an eye on her.

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