Living soil question

Hi all,

I have a question regarding living soil.
Living soil is to be kept moist at all times ( what I read ) how does marijuana grow in a moist environment without the dry patch? And can you use pre mixed living soil straight away? I can’t imagine putting a seedling into such a soggy environment.

Moist is different then DRENCHED , I always make sure my medium is half saturated when I sow my seeds and 1 week in my coco coir is constantly near full saturation with soil you can keep it at half saturation without hurting the roots its only when it’s at full saturation for days at a time does it suffocate the roots. Pre mixed living soil is cool to use straight away making your own might take a couple weeks to get the colonies started depending on your mix .

Ok, thanks mate, I did buy a bag of pre mixed. The pots are super heavy, I’ve added no water as yet. I think maybe a moisture detector might help me and definitely more research on watering. I don’t feel comfortable putting anything in the soil yet.

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Meh those moisture meters are pretty garbage you can tell when your pots are to dry by feeling how hefty they are now vs at full saturation vs feather light when they are close to being dry

I believe it’s more about mimicking the morning dew. Not a lot of water just enough to keep the surface damp. You still water like normal. I have a hard time getting out of bed 5am so skipped the morning dew part.

Unfortunately I had a bad bug issue that caused me to uproot the cover crop. I’m finishing off my plant without the cover crop and morning dew with no problems. The worms do most of the work as far as distributing the top dress goes.

Ah, ok so just keep the top layer moist. What do you use for top dress & mulch?

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Straw for mulch along with a cover crop.

Top dress depends on what stage you’re. I use alfalfa meal, langbeinite, seabird guano, green sand, gypsum, kelp and azomite. Also used rhizo mix from blue plant for the microbes and mycorrhizae fungi.

Ok, thanks for the info mate. I found a guide online which is fairly simple to follow.