Living soil deficiency

2nd grow, first attempt at living soil, everything has been going great so far but just started getting some discoloration on some lower leaves, looking like Mg deficiency to me, I watered w 1.5 ts epsom in 1g of water 5 days ago. The larger leaves have gotten a bit worse since that last watering.
This is week 6, w only water so far, (except the epsom) was thinking of doing a BAS craft blend top dress or tea.
Any input is appreciated, thanks

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Super skunk fem from clone
A little bit of crimson clover as live mulch

Vipra spectra p1000 @100% 18” above
Water every 3-4 days
Humidity ~60%
Heat ~80•f on leaf surface

Here is a clone taken at the same time, same growing conditions, just in the sun, zero issues as far as I can tell(dealing w a little bit of aphid trouble though)

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Looks good overall. Lower leaves naturally discolor and die off as they age. The new growth on top all looks good to me.

You have a better view than me but it looks more like nitrogen deficiency. Search for “dutch passion visual guide to cannabis deficiencies” and have a look. If you want to add Mg you can up the dose. I use 5g/L epsom salt to supplement (that’s about ~1 tbsp/gallon I think).

Is the soil drying out between watering? Living soil should be kept a bit moist rather than go through the typical wet/dry cycle.

Garden Safe or neem oil spray can help with aphids. Just don’t use neem oil in flower and don’t forget the bud wash at harvest.


That doesn’t look like a mag deficiency. Looks like the plant shedding shaded leaves. Does look like a bit of an overwater issue though.


Thanks for the response
I’ll take a better pic in the morning of why I think I have a Mg issue
I’ve done no defoliating, so those hidden leaves makes sense w that
I water when the the first inch is just starting to feel dry, not bone dry, again 3-4 days
Started using neem tea on the outside plant, a and just put some green lacewings out there

This is a better example of why I was thinking Mg, this is on the mid/upper portion

That looks more calcium related.