Living soil 1st time grower need advice! L

This is my first ever grow and choose living soil as a starter.
These 2 photos are in 5 Galon fabric pots with BAS 3.0.
Since i m using living soil i have not been using any PH up or down. I believe that may have been my issue.
My tap water PH is around 7.5 and do not know the tds yet.

I’m very disapointed on my first run and won t be making the same mistake again less feeding, will be moving to 25 gallon fabric pot and will ph water in my futur run.

Over 4 month of time spent taking care of them. Brown leaves was an issue and got worst over time.
I m week 6-7 into flowering, 3 to 4 more weeks to go if i don t trash them.

I have been watering with rain water for the last 2 weeks hoping that will help minimizing the damages.
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My question to the group is should I Trash them or keep them a few more weeks untill the end?


Allow your pics to fully upload then hit send. But you need to do a slurry test to get your exact ph and ppm readings. Im going to through the exact same thing.

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Side note: WAIT for pics. Looks like nute burn :joy:

How long have those leaves been burnt? Do u have pictures of day… 2 weeks ago? Or something to show progress and over how long?

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U can see the progression in veg

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No I didn’t mean you wait. I meant me. I went long winded and it was completely opposite of what the pictures said.

Did you feed them? Or what we only? Looks very overfed

Yes fed them following the BAS/BS schedule with craft blend during veg and build a bloom and flower during flower.

Nutrient companies are in the business to sell more nutrients. Always start out light handed or easier when playing with fresh soils. They showed signs of nutrient burn in each photo. Like differing levels. It’s honestly a story of overfeed over time ya know…

All that said… I’d LOVE a ppm reading of the runoff. Following that (or even without it if u don’t mind nuking some damn fine soil) I’d flush if it was sky high or at least heavy watering only for a week or 2, then push bloom pretty heavy.

Or I’d reset the soil flushing asap, and give them a comprehensive yet nitrogen light feed.

Those leaves won’t look any better. But you could even only water them until the end and let them produce something. No way I’d pull them tho. Maybe drop some more seeds this weekend and let them get started in there somewhere

Bru, I don t even what type of water i should use for flushing at this point and how much, What would you recommend?
Would u smoke that shit?


I also belive nute burnt. I have over ammended and suffered it. Living soil will regulate the ph of 7.5 easily. My solution that works for me is no nutes…make sure soil lives. Myco if needed to restart the soil. No flush. You are in flower and the leaves will not recover. You will have no issues finishing i believe and get very smokeable bud. Reuse the soil but ammend it at 1/4 strength and let the soil cook a few weeks before use. My ph is 8.5 or better going in and never adjust it. Healthy soil…healthy girl.

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You will trim those ugly leaves off anyway. She may have a little bit harsher taste but a good dry and cure will fix that right up.

I’d just water only until she asks for something. No use resetting the whole deal for 4-5 weeks


Guys i finally received my PC60 5 in 1 from apera, immediatly did the calibration and here are my results from my tap water.
PH: 7.6
185 micros

I will do the same test and post the results using the big boy filter it s suposed to filter the chlorine and chloromine out.

Any feedback is really apreciated.


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@Docnraq tagging you cause you have been a very good source of info


Jealousy! Nice meter.

How can I help growmie?

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Good. Little low on the tds for flush water. I would add like a half dose of calmag per gallon. I like my flush water to be at about 300-350ppm (tds) this makes sure its stable enough to adjust the soil ph vs being adjusted by the soils ph.

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Since i have just 2 or 3 weeks left and As other advise i don t think i will be flushing but instead i will let it ride till the end.

I m thinking ahead and on my next run. My goal is to have a more succesfull run and also trying to avoid making the same mistake. I bought a boggie plus hose attachment filter suposed to remove chlorine and chloramine out.
I just tested the water and here is what i found. I m thinking of using it for my next run.

PH: 8.4

In addition I will be upgrading my fabric pot from 5 gallon to 25 gallon using living soil BAS 3.0.
If it were you would you ph down to 6.3 the water goimg to the soil? Again i m thinking ahead.

Thanks for you help

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I’d prefer the 7.4 lower ppm to the 8.3 and higher. Yea higher ppms sit better, but lower is more ‘in the range’ naturally…

A 25 gall pot is ALOT of soil. I’d rather you fine tune your skills on smaller bags (are you outside)…

BuildASoil makes a great soil. I wouldn’t pH a thing nor use tap water. All distilled or rainwater for those girls. If you HAVE to use tap? Aerate and let sit 24 hours to keep those microbes away from the chlorine and etc… terrible for the bennies.

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Read Purp… READ!!!

What do you mean?

I m inside, my tent set up is the 2x4 kit from ac infinity, if my calculation is correct i could fit 2 25 gallon fabric pot. I heard that the more soil you have the easier it becomes when growing with living soil.

I m still worried about the chloramine i read it can t be removed like chlorine can.
Rain water is an option but how long can i keep it, i read online that it can be store safely using food grade bucket.

I meant I need to read better. U mentioned a process to remove chems. I just kind of looked over it.

25galls pits in a 2 X 4 is definitely overkill unless you have 8ish feet of height. In a 2 X 4, I’d put 4 - 5 gallons in there max.

Only problem with rainwater, is it’s not consistent.

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