Live Resin Blast

Hello All,

I have some Bregman’s Kushs entering week 7 and the trim is stanky and frosty.

I am considering performing a live resin butane extraction. I am familiar with the basics of BHO and understand it is an individual risk. I have never performed a live resin extraction so I am seeking advice on that aspect of the extraction. For example:

How small should I cut the wet trim prior to freezing?

Does the trim need to be frozen in the blast tube or is it reasonably easy to freeze in a bin and refill the blast tube with fresh frozen material?

How long do you freeze before blasting?

How tight do you pack the tube? with dry I pack very tight but I am concerned this will clog with wet material

Purge under 60 C/140 F?

Any other constructive tips are welcome.


There are a few YouTube vids. I am interested as well, but never tried it.

Have you found any good ones on production techniques? I’ve found a lot of vids on what live resin is and general purging techniques. I’m looking for info on the live resin blast itself which ppl tend to gloss over fast.

I did, but I can’t find it now. I’ll search some more tomorrow. The guy had a foreign accent.

I think I found it:

Live Blast

Terrible safety process but it did answer the type of questions I had on the blast itself.

This vid says purge under 45 C but I’m wondering if that has more to do with the poor quality equipment used. Does anyone know a terp with a boiling point under 60 C?