Live from the Mitten

I have so much enjoyed reading other grow journals in my short time on here that I have decided to start my own. I have found this community to be wonderfully supportive!

This will be my Fourth Harvest - still have a LOT to learn, but after struggling through the first three, I feel like I have enough knowledge to be dangerous this time.

Clones being taken today from four mother plants - details are below and pics to come soon!

Strains: Cookies Kush (6), Sour OG aka 818 Headband (7), Critical Kush (6), Larry OG (6)

Adding distilled water, cloning solution and rooting enhancer to 25 site aeroponic cloning machine. pH’ed to 5.8

Cuttings dipped in cloning gel, placed in neoprene sleeves - now we wait…


Welcome and sound like it is going to be an epic grow. Look forward to following along.

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Wow going to have your hands full in a few
Weeks. Happy growing👍

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Your grow sounds so exciting! I love that you said that you have enough knowledge to be dangerous now…that is so cool; I can’t wait until I feel that way :slight_smile:

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Well… I made a few extra cuttings … (full disclosure - it wasn’t intentional, just can’t count)

So I trimmed 'em up, dipped 'em in cloning gel and stuck 'em in some leftover dirt. Not sure if that’s gonna work or not … but we shall see!

The soil I put them in was FFOF - I realize that may be too hot for them, but it’s what I had on hand.

Pics will be put up tonight.

@Tr33 You are in the right place! I wish I had this kind of support earlier on.

Best advice I can give you is to DIVE IN … you can learn a TON from reading and researching, but you gotta get your hands dirty!

Yes, I am only on my first plant, u can see her photos in my journal, but I am already feeling more confident and will try some different techniques out on the next round.


I will check it out for sure!

That’s the name of the game. The more you grow the more comfortable you will be with it and will Be more apt to try new techniques. Ultimately you need to find what works best for you and your setup. Everyone does things differently but we all strive to get the same results. As with anything in life practice makes perfect.


Are you from Michigan? Is that what you meant by the Mitten


maybe UP @MAXHeadRoom…lol
i’m sorry i had to laugh.

Maybe he is dating your EX

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Yes sir… GR

Not UP … I’m a troll

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Finally someone close. I’m in BC

HA! i would not wish that upon him…lol @BlackShirt no disrespect man…lol

Not far at all!

I see a mini-road trip in the near future.

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Are you from the UP ?

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I’m only on my first grow in aeroponics. I do have a grow journal if you want to check it out. Aeroponics Gold Leaf First Grow is the title.