Little yellow balls

When I was harvesting my first plant I kept finding little yellow balls at the base of the bud. Does anyone know what they are? They are not seeds but I have no idea.

Pollen sacks from what I can tell… can u get a clearer/closer pic?

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I’m kinda seeing what @Watt-Sun is seeing from the pictures that you posted :-1: Looks lika a tranny planny sorry :v:

Did you find any seeds?

That could be a new leave growing. I had something like that I found near the bottom of my two plants. It turned out to be new leaves and not ball sacks.

theres a little better pick of it. I did not have any seeds. when I pulled it open there where like little petals in it. Could it be undeveloped seads or something?

Is it an auto? If so they do get lower female calyx that will mature before the upper budz. They will turn brown because the plant doesn’t need them once the transition is made. So far, I have ONLY noticed this on AUTO strains. This is not pollen sacs or seeds. They will dry up and fall off like lower leaves. I have some current fire smoke with this same issue. No worries if you are seeing good pistols and trichomes…