Little worried about the color/droopy leaves any suggestions?


Also just got new lighting 2 days ago.

And then your problems started?

How long has she been in flower? How much/what kind of medium?

ILGM Grow Support Ticket

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Yeah noticed a small bit of droopyness before I got the light but after about two days of it I don’t notice it getting better. And I’m using fox farm ocean forest for the soil. And I appreciate the help.

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Tag me when you fill out the support ticket.

If I had to guess, it looks hungry. You should be feeding for flower. Also, droopy leaves could be a sign of overwatering.

Okay thank you I was also thinking overwatering so I have been letting the soil dry out but still not completely dry yet. And do you have any recommendations on what nutrients to feed it?

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Kinda looks like it revegged. Has it always had that leaf structure?

What do you mean by reveegged? And I noticed after I got the light the leaves and branches started to grow bigger.

Ok to me it look like a revegg over watering and hungry and revegg is when plant is in flower and the light time gets longer and it goes back to its leaf producing stage and stop flowering but im not 100% sure but thats what it look like

Your ph could be off

What is the pH coming out of the plant. Get a water setup it’s most like a calmag issues just feeding water no calmag. I’d suggest get calmag and a descent pH meter set a good batch of calmag water to 6.5ish and soak it down let some runoff drip out then catch some to check the read numbers. If high pH keep running that PhD water thru it to make sure u get the pH number lower or where it needs to be. When it’s set for u all u’ll have to do is make sure nutes r mixed on order always pH the mix before watering and u’ll be golden. I’d start with a good calmag soak and get numbers and go from there tho. Good luck