Little white hairs


What do the little white hairs on top of my plants mean? I’m guessing she’s about 40 inches tall now and about 8 weeks old.

The girls look really healthy … just that two of them are pretty small. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so I haven’t given them anymore fertilizer.
How long does it take before WW starts to flower? In the northern hemisphere is that about the third week in September?


Little white hairs means it is starting to flower, those little crab claw looking things the hairs are coming out of are your flowers, they should start multiplying and you’ll get more and more of them with more and more hairs, it is a good thing! These clusters of flowers become the nuggets/buds.


Oh and eventually the little white hairs will dry and become the orange, red or brownish hairs you are used to seeing on dry nuggets/buds.


Thanks for writing back MacGyver. That is so cool about the little white hairs. The little ones don’t have them yet … hopefully they’ll get some pretty soon. I’m having a blast watching them grow!



PS … When do I switch the fertilizer to a more phosphorus/potassium rich blend? With all the rain we’ve had I might not have the chance to give them any more of the nitrogen-type fertilizer.


The little white hairs are called “Pistils” This is the sign of a female plant.



Mine has just started showing these too,so excited.


Otter … I am really excited too! Mine are growing like crazy and there are tons of white hairs everywhere, plus they’re getting very sticky. I counted the colas on one of my plants and there were a ton of them! I topped the plants twice, thinking it might keep them from growing so tall.

Realtree … thanks for posting the picture … lookin’ good!



I’ve got excitement of my own, where my first grow is growing the white hairs finally on the tops and places. Of course, I want to wait a few more days or so to take some pics so they are prominent, but for me, my first grow plants are seven months old.


Bud … sounds good! Looking forward to seeing the pics.


First time grower here also. Dont smoke it, just want to store it for if SHTF. I have 3 different strains goin. Rude widow, purple kush, and Alaskin thunder f@&*. The weather is starting to get crappy. They are starting to flower. We dont have 12/12 yet. Should I put them indoors with lights or just leave them outside.


DS … my plants are outside too and it sounds like our temps are close as well. Starting to get into the low 60’s at night where I am too. I just leave them outside … this worked fine last year and I didn’t have to worry about the temps going into the 40’s at night until the first week of October. That’s when I harvested.

Your plants look great!!



My strawberry kush are getting white hairs as well, growing outside and we still have 14 hours of daylight. I’ve been using Fox Farms trio, but not Tiger bloom yet. When should I start using Tiger Bloom and approximately how many days before harvest? 90 degrees day time, 70 at night average humidity around 65. Thanks.


This is my first time growing. I just want to know if the way my plant is blooming is correct. I’ve had it in Blooming for about 3 weeks. If u see anything that might look wrong in the picture please point it out and if possible provide the reason why and how to fix!!! Much appreciate


Any tips on what I should be doing or not doing?