Little to no trichomes


Anybody ever had a plant flower with very low trichome production? I have an NL auto that just dosnt seem to be on course. She is supposed to be a nice trichome producer but there ain’t many.???


I think I see some frost on the bottom one, maybe.


She kind of looks sick to me.


She’s light-years off though. I was hopeing for better looking weed.


She was alot worse. I kind of over did it.


I was seeing if it might be a genetic mishap.


Remember I thought she looks ‘chaotic’. She actually looks toxic to me, I hate to say that, and I would suggest to hold off on any type of food and flush her morning and night for a few days, they will retain what is being fed not only in the plant herself but in the soil. The gypsum should help leach her, but if you keep on adding stuff and she is not able to get rid of them, she’ll go toxic on you. Put your pH meter in your back pocket and let her tell you what she needs. She is preprogramed to grow, make flowers and pollen. Believe me she knows what she is doing, let her do it. @Happy_Pappy


I stopped giving her any thing last week. I just water. Her diet is done.


Yeah I totally agree she looks very toxic flush her good.


She still could be hanging on to more than ya know. Fill her bucket with water over and over and over was that crap out . Do this a couple of times a day. Don’t forget there is perlite and other things added to retain water. that hold on to that stuff.


No additives to the soil on this one. Plus, I just flushed her real good. I’ll do it again in the morning after I till around in the sides a bit. She’s done with any nutes or PH water. She’s on her own until the chop.