Little spots on my ladies leaves

What amount of potassium do I feed them. I have RAW potassium crystals

Find some thing with a 3-2-7 ratio and it should help out should be able to find veg nutrients with that ratio at home depot or local flower shop, and as for the flowering ones id find nutrients at home depot or local flower shop with a ratio of 5-8-8.

Other wise with raw potassium crystals spread around top soil about a 1/2 inch to inch away from where stock comes out of ground, however try and avoid putting directly up to the stocks

Thanks so much, Bless

Any time keep us updated also when you spread on top soil, do a light thin layer not to heavy to where soil is entirely covered

I will do that soon

No rush im here pretty much all day every day lol

Why is that?

Why is what? why dont you cover soil entirely

Why not cover the top of soil and not cover with compost, manure, fertilizer. I’m all organic, too.

If you cover soil entirely risk of burning and throwing off plants ph and it will be a big pain to get back on track, it would also through off all other nutrients of I’m not mistaken

You can cover with compost, manure or fertilizer depends on what kinda though

That may be what I did. I put a layer of composted chicken manure not long before this started happening. Plus a new compost for the veg stage plants. LOL. Thanks again!

Any time look forward to seeing the progress and that may have caused it to go haywire lol

My guess would be manganese, or phosphorus. If that’s the case while it’s in flowering, mix up a cup of wood ashes with a gallon of water let it sit two hours and feed it to your plants.

But I would still check my plants really well for bugs!