Little off topic but wanted to share

Hello all. I wanted to share what I do with the used water and minerals since that crap is so expensive. Every thing I see in watering they water and then the water drains out of the bottom into the sink.

I put the plants in a regular pot then I purchased a larger pot that has an elevated bottom. I’ll water and the water collects in the outer pot. I then collect all the used water and pour it all into a 5 gallon bucket. Then I take it and use it to water my vegetable garden with. I’m getting some killer ass tomatoes :slight_smile:

The bigger pot also helps let the inner pot drain more and collects it so it’s not a mess and since it’s raised the soil is never sitting in standing water


The run off is to flush the salts out that build up

Same, use it on cucumber’s.


My tomatoes love it lol. Gotta figure so much horse water is used on the garden it dilutes it well.

Dont use fertilizer…

well I guess by definition I do but… all natural… so far the only thing I have fed my tomatoes other than decomposed material is seaweed and kelp extract with humic acid.
The same goes for my herb… though I will be using some sulfer free Molasses and some plant grade epsom salts!

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