Little/No roots in the soil and the plant did not grow at all

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“A month ago I planted a new plant but unfortunately the soil I used before was a little ornamental plant. The plant did not have a lot of roots in the soil and I thought that nothing would happen, but the plant did not grow at all. I took the pot under the water in order not to damage the roots of the plant while renewing the hood and I separated the plant from the soil like this but the plant did not make any roots again. At the end of the process I flushed at the same time and I took it to the new soil 3 days ago. There is an improvement, but this time the leaves have become stains. I send pictures to the echo, if you ask me to look at the pictures and give me information? I am really sorry and this last seed, I must survive in a way :(”



Not really sure what your question is, but the plant in the photo looks great!