Little mites spotted at harvest

hey peeps - hope it’s hanging well for yall…

my first harvest…

i just looked at my Bubblegum with my new toy (a jewelers loupe) to check my trichomes - which indicate that now is good to harvest and one of my girls is infested with little bugs/mites.

should i just harvest it as normal and keep away from other plants - will they just die off when it dries and cures - or do i have to somehow get rids of the bugs - or even get rid of the plant itself?

will these little critters affect the quality of the smoke
will these critter effect the storage - ie will they eat away at it when drying or n jars

cheers in advance…


If it’s ready to harvest, I’d probably chop and do a bud wash before hanging. I might wash it, hang it, and wash it again as soon as the first wash dried.

You DO NOT want them on her while she’s drying or in your jars.

If she’s not ready to harvest, get some Jack’s Dead Bug Brew.

cheers ADA
what should I wash them in - any tips - hot or cold and solution in the water?

Let me try to find the video. It’s a water and hydrogen peroxide solution.

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I don’t know for a fact that it will get rid of them. If you still have a few days in your harvest window, I would spray with Jack’s, wait a day or 2 then wash, to try to get rid of any eggs or larva.

If you have enough time, I would: spray, wait 2 days, spray again, wait 2 days, then wash twice.

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thanks ADA - you’re a gent!


i have mites, so every morning i search my plants + kill them. at first they are hard to notice, but with time spent looking at + for them, you will become quite efficient in destroying them (just run a fingernail over them).