Little help, trying to make a purchase on ihgm and CC won’t allow

@peachfuzz…I can’t help what is in his country…there was no need to insult me for trying to offer advice…that’s why we are here correct? Telling me I’m not very good at this…that’s a insult in my book…this forum has rules and are good ones. This should be one of them…I’m the second person this person has started an argument with and it’s bulls/#t…I don’t argure…I’m done with this childish shit


Was not sticking up for @anon35207245 insults… I agree @Sittingbull64… not alot of sence at arguing… :wink:
@Sittingbull64 you must understand that sometimes people think they’re right even when they’re not… but then again who am I to decide… :thinking:

I’m only here to help each other out and succeed in helping ones self… no more , no less… but keep in mind I am my own person and i think for myself… and I dont agree with being a jerk , just to be a jerk… :wink: makes no sense to me…
I’m always here for info and casual conversation… to each his own… not here to take sides…
Much luv to all of my fellow cultivators… :grin:


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So “likes given and received” are some sort of standard to achieve?

You think there’s no trail, you show you don’t understand how much is on record about you and your every move.

Sorry, but you’re wrong for I don’t live in the US.

If you don’t get the point being made and show how far the concept goes over your head, like you did, in these days of data mining, then you can expect much worse than you got. Now THINK about the entire process from your computer of ordering to paying to delivery and try and say there’s no trail, especially if you reload the prepaid card in the same store on a semi-regular basis using your credit/debit card.

You say you’re not here to take sides, yet went on to do that by jumping in with both feet showing a level of ignorance not known since someone asked Maxine Walters a question over something that did not involve you.

And then you have the nerve to go on about MY “insults” whilst throwing some seriously genralised insults around, and insulting an entire country in the most pig-ignorant of manners, showing you do actually know the square root of eff all and are showing it in glorious Technicolor.

Hmm, I can smell something. And it ain’t coming from here…

Lmao…@anon35207245…you proved your point…your here to start arguments, my point was no paper trail to my bank, and @peachfuzz was trying to help keep peace and he SAID. You wasn’t from the USA! if you knew what the meaning of the Likes giving and likes received you would understand…we are all here to help and learn from each other and to grow together…I ask questions that I already know the answers to sometimes just to see if anyone knows a better way than I do…I’m humble…but you my friend, your a jackass…not from this country…but I do wish you well, smoke you another bowl, eat some fruity pebbles, and watch benny hill and chill…

As I say, you may think there’s no trail to your bank but I have given some pretty big hints as to how there can, and likely will, be.

You are ignoring them, despite being given some glaringly obvious hints as to why there can, and likely will, be such direct links, yet you continue to convince yourself of something to the contrary.

And the obvious lack of knowledge shown by yourself, your childish responses, and your unfathomable obsession with “likes”, plus your latest “you’re not from the USA, what would you know” attitude, merely reminds me of why conversing with children is never successful.

Now begone, fool, and when you realise WHY I say there is a trail all the way back to your bank account NOW, then realise that the only reason nobody cares is because you’re not worth spending the resources on, you may come back.

Lmao … maybe someday you’ll get it… your attitude that is…:wink:
Until then , peace and love… :grin:



You’re exactly correct. It’s “credit” until you pay your bill. Which means that at the time of your order it’s their money that’s on the line and because of all the low lifes out there stealing anyone’s money I don’t mind my CC Co. making sure it’s me making the charges. Straightening things out later is much more difficult.

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Come on guys let’s just try to get along with each other. This Forum is for… well so we can all get a little smarter about the business at hand. We all know how to argue and sling insults. So why don’t we all call a truce and get back to reason why we are here in the first place.
Happy growing friends.

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