Little help, trying to make a purchase on ihgm and CC won’t allow

Cc denied the payment, when I called they said there was no charge yesterday and keep asking for the subscribers name I say it’s a private matter and they say ok but when I say can u let the payment go threw next time they keep going in circles asking the same thing what’s the name???

My CC did the same thing. So I ask them on the phone to read off the attempted charges that they denied and as they did I just verified that it was my charge and I authorized the charge to go through. My CC Co. is very picky especially when it’s an international charge.
No problem since I did that.

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Go get you a prepaid card like I did…will save you a lot of headaches…I use netspend…Imy not asking my bank permission to use my own money!


@N3wYOrk3R give the credit card company a call and inform them that you’ll be making an international purchase and to leave that open for a couple business days. I have to do it every time.


It’s not the bank telling you where you can and can’t spend money. It is a fruad protection measure. You simply tell the bank to allow the transaction to go through.


Well thanks everyone, I just ended up buying with bitcoin wayyyy easier and cheaper at that :+1: @Dieselgrower @Covertgrower @Gspot


I was just about to suggest this. Great!

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Yes I know that…that’s why I use prepaid…last time I caled bank they ask what I was gonna purchase…told them it wasn’t their business and lady informed me they still see what we buy, it’s the way it’s set up for our protection…so after that day I use prepaid…


Sounds like you need to change banks if they aren’t just accepting you ok’ing the purchase. Glad you found a method my friend :+1::v:

I don’t know why, in this day and age, everyone doesn’t have at least one prepaid. Here, my bank hand them out free to anyone, you can have either one prepaid or one “real” CC linked to an account so as both me and SWMBO are with the same bank we have both.

The “real” Visa gets occasional use with known and trusted “whatevers” and physical payments, the prepaid mastercard gets used for over 90% of online purchases as, simply, in the minutely possible chance said CC details get hacked then the most they can have is the €2 or €3 that is left on the balance, I only transfer the necessary money over to it for what I am ordering from home. So simple, so secure, maybe adds 2 or 3 mins to the entire payment process as you transfer the funds but you’re sitting there in front of the computer doing nothing anyway so it’s no time lost.

We have a different problem regarding CC’s here though, that being that the high charges being imposed means many places won’t accept them, never mind seed banks. But they’ll always accept a Mestro/Bancontact debit card payment so that’s easy enough for me to use my regular card on a known secure payment system.

I like my bank and I like my prepaid card…I like it because they aren’t no paper trails to it and that’s always a good thing!

How do you put money on the prepaid card? Cash? Or do you transfer via your bank account/debit card?

In other words, there’s still a trail…

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I do it at the dollar general…buy the card tell the clerk how much to put on it and go shopping…it’s the onlu way I will buy seeds on line…nothing wrong with sending cash, I just don’t like waiting so long…everytime I have ordered I had my seeds in 10 days or less…

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So you buy the card pre loaded.

That means that if you use your regular credit/debit card to make said purchase then it directly linked to you, there is a trail, and even if you use cash there will still be at least CCTV which can be used to identify you, meaning there is a trail.

In other words, there’s still a trail, it’s only slightly muddier than the paved one with good lighting called using your own, regular, CC or debit card.

The trail to bitcoin only leads to the fact you bought bitcoin.

No the card is not preloaded…you buy the card and add cash on it as needed…no name’s are giving so how is there a paper trail? Muddy or not?

And it’s not my regular debit/credit card the bank issued me…it’s one I bought from the store and put cash amount on it that I wanted, when it runs out I go back to store and hand card to cashier and tell them I need what ever am out and it’s done…well after I pay them it is…no names…


Christ, this is like pulling teeth, and it’s clear than explaining basic things like how you WILL show you leave a much bigger trail than you think you do, especially when you do not comprehend how buying said card could leave a permanent link to you, as could every single reload.

You’re not good at this, are you.

This may get me banned but I don’t care…I’m very good at this…no name no trail…if I’m not wrong your the same one who got into an argument with another guy on another topic to the point where he had to get @countryboy1971 to stop the topic…and your also one who has giving out 121 likes to over a 1000 received…now if you come here to start a damn argument with me over a damn credit card i suggest you take it someplace else…I came here to make friends and learn not to argue with a smartass like yourself! I offered advice and your telling me it won’t work but it damn sure works for me and a lot of other folks with no paper trail!

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You have to remember that @anon35207245 is in a country where every little thing he does is being watched … if he farts , they know it… there really trying to push that same agenda over here as well … hope to hell that we don’t let that happen…
As far as this topic , it’s one of those things just like everything else … do what you feel most comfortable with… happy growing…

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