Little help out here

I have a grow tent 2m high, the seed I am currently growing (quick one) were advertised as will not grow longer than 60cm… well… mine is currently at 130cm which is almost touching the growlight. Any help how to stop it from getting longer as it is growin around 4cm per day

Maybe Supercrop it

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If it isn’t budding, prune the hell out of it. Lower branches will grow and make it more of a bush. The reason it’s stretching so much is your lights are too weak. It’s trying to reach the sunlight.

Even if you do prune it, assume it will stretch by 2 times after you switch ot 12/12 light. Plan ahead.

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You definitely need better lights… what happened to all of the leaves? Where did they go…? poor girl looks like a snoopy Christmas tree…
At this point just start bending everything over and tie it down to your pot… hopefully it will cause her to grow more leaves… :wink:



The strain you show is almost 100% sativa. Basically very tall skinny profile.
As several others stated: the lights are too weak. This caused the plant to be even taller and skinnier.
Working with what you have: major immediate LST IS THE BEST BET to continue this plant.

Personally, unless this plant has major emotional investment from you, I would start two others and keep the best one. OR…two if you have the room and grow Indica type plants next time.
Indica genetics are best for indoor growing. Actually any height limited situations would be best with Indica.


I removed all of the leaves. I have a kingbo 900w led and a viparspecra 450w led whats wrong with them?

Topping next time will help you control verticle growth as well, but the lighting needs to be right to prevent all that stretch. If you like sativa’s, look into doing a scrog as well.

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thats an auto mate, its been in flowering for a week now, its a 7 week old plant

Those lights should be good. How high we’re the lights above the plant? It doesn’t look like it stretched a lot in the beginning based off of the spacing of the nodes. If she is flowering, then just bend her over and the limbs will adjust.

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I would gladly bend her over :wink: joking aside… I always kept them 2 feet away, however I’m curios why they grew from a “Max” of 60cm to 130cm and growing…

I think it is funny that someone would put a size limit on cannabis considering there are so many different factors that affect how it grows. Next time if you see stretch, just top her. For this grow LST is your best option I’m my opinion.

Place your bucket in one corner and bend her top over to the other corner then adjust lights. If she is stretching, she may need more light and I keep my LEDs a foot above my plant because they don’t give off much heat. But bending her is a must because she is going to grow a lot more. Now just ensure it is beneficial growth.

Will definitely give it a shot, I mean there is not a lot I can do lol. However I’m curios if it is a good or a bad thing that is it growing the way it is

It is a sativa, that’s how they grow. It’s up to you to manipulate it to do what you want it to do. As I said, next time you should top your plants earlier and multiple times if needed to control verticle growth. If you bend her over, keep that stronger light closer to the top of the plant.

Why did you remove the leaves??


Good point. He may have had all that stretch because there wasn’t enough leaves for photosynthesis in a plant that size which caused it to try and stretch for more light.

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That’s kinda what I was thinking. Less leaves mean the ones left have to get as much light as possible.

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I think he was going for a lollipop and shaved her instead. The node spacing at the bottom was great before all that pruning.

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Very true. The plant was looking good.

It was useless to have all those leaves, I want all the nutes to build some good buds