Little Help! First Grow-- Hydro- Mag Deficiency?

Hey everyone, its my first grow and I’m using DWC. I currently have 2 plants in 5 gal buckets, 6 inch net pots. After killing about 6 seedlings before keeping these two alive, I thought I was good to go since Ive had some pretty good growth. Now I’m finding the lower leaves with brown spots on them, and they seem like they might be yellowing. I will attach a few photos and hopefully someone can help a newb out. Thanks in advance.IMG_4352

Strain; Type, Bag seed, ILGM… name of strain: ILGM SUPER SKUNK

Age from Sprout: About 4 weeks

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco / Brand and type of Soil & Size of Pots: Hydro, Rockwool, 6 in Net pot, 5gal buckets

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? Ive done one water change for each bucket so far.

PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir: PH is between 5.5-6.2

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: 1.27EC

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system, size and height from plants: 1500w Full Spectrum LED, 24 inches from plants

Temps; Day, Night: 74-76 Daytime, 68-71 Night

Humidity; Day, Night: Daytime-50 Night-55

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: Yes not in use yet

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Heater, and humidifier.

Co2; Yes, No: Yes Bag of Homegrown C02

Pics under natural light so we can see true colors of plants please

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sorry about that

IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4366

Somebody here might be able to help you out. @Grandaddy013 @WickedAle @Gardenguy @Bogleg @BigDaddyCain @TDubWilly @GreenThunder


There isn’t a darn thing wrong with your plants. Your TDS values are right on for their size and it’s probably time to start bumping the EC up to around 1.5 or so.

Are you running anything like Hydroguard? You should as it’s beneficial against anaerobic bacteria (pythium) which you need to fight. What is your standing reservoir temp and what do the roots look like? What nutrient line are you using?

There should be airflow in and out plus some air movement over the plants.

The light; what specifically is it? The actual wattage is going to be quite a bit less than quoted. Need to know that amount coming out of the wall.

This is a little low; I’d like to see the day temps around 80F and night time around 70F.

How are you testing/measuring PH? When did you last calibrate?


First, I’d like to thank you for your input and help. Its relieving to hear someone say they don’t think anything is wrong with my plants. Even though it’s hard to see, have you seen the lowest leaves with the brown spots on the bigger plant? Thats what caught my eye and concerned me to begin with, then I noticed it was slightly yellow specks coming onto the leaves above it, but not all leaves.

I am not running hydroguard, to be honest I hadn’t heard of it until you just brought it to my attention. I will definitely buy it now and have it within the next two days.
The water temp in the bucket is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The roots look good, they’re all bright white. I will take another pic of those tomorrow so I can get a pic of them in natural light.
Im using “LOTUS Premium Plant Nutrients”.

I have a 6 inch Carbon filter with a 442 cfm inline fan(which is not in use), a 12 inch oscillating fan blowing from the floor, a 6 inch fan blowing from the top. I have a piece of duct in one of the ports for my tent, I was hoping that’d be sufficient intake of air. During the “Day” I keep the two lower screen vents of the tent open to keep more airflow as well. Do you think I should modify that? I am kind of lost on the whole inline fan thing, when I tried to use it, it sucked all of the humidity out of my tent and the walls were caving in from the suction. I bought a fan speed adjuster for it, and now I can adjust it but I am nervous I will ruin the consistency of the environment in the tent.

I know Im going to get crap for this but it is a 1500w King Plus LED light. I also have a 1200w King Plus LED as a backup in case I need more light. Do you think these two would suffice in my tent? I forgot to mention the tent is 5x5. I am trying to stick to Full spectrum LED lighting for the tent and I really didn’t want to drop 1900 on a KIND LED which seems to be the prestigious brand on the internet.

The temps being low doesn’t surprise me because I am worried of burning the plants so I will raise it up a bit. How about my Humidity levels, Do you think they are decent?

I am using a digital PH meter, I last calibrated it about four weeks ago.

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Also, this may sound like a dumb question but how would I go about getting the EC up?

Increased ppm = increased EC. Here is a chart for you. Just check your meter specs to see which Ppm scale yours is on (.5, .6 or .7)


Thank you for that

Some air exchange is a good idea and yes it can cause issues with humidity. I would suggest you run your 6" fan on a timer and have it run like 8 times per day for 1/2 hour: it will drop the RH but after the fan shuts down it will climb back to where you were.

Go ahead and deploy the other LED: you need more light. And for this grow it would be plenty.

The high end lights are from Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) or diy. That’s the path I took and it was pretty easy. Definitely worth it.


Not sure about the nutrients your using , but I would also suggest some cal-mag… more then likely that’s your issue… :v::sunglasses:


Ive had this happen to a couple of leaves when I was in soil, I have no idea what it means

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Ok you are useing led get it to 30” away from top your room temp is good 80 is to high u want room between 72-75 day and 65-70 night roughly water temp sweet spot is 68-70 never higher then 72 exhaust u want on all the time fresh air is your friend also make sure the air pump is on always the leaf curl is from light intensity and you can see where it bleached the one lower leafs other then that they look good

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@cmbx ok if you want a good led without braking the bank then u want to talk to @dbrn32 he will get you on the track to building a really good led he will give you a shopping list of what you will need to get a good led he’s who I look to when I build my lights


I can help with building light if you’re interested. I also noticed what @TDubWilly posted, not sure what that is.


My first thought was light bleaching but I don’t think that’s what it is because usually anything I’ve seen with light bleaching gets crispy…

When I seen it a long time ago on some of my soil plants, the leaf was really soft in the affected areas.


@cmbx…Didn’t see anything about what if any aeration is being used?

No aeration means stagnant water and not good growing conditions. Hydroguard and areation will be very beneficial.


Ya I don’t use hydro gaurd at all I use the Remo line it’s got like 7 different nuits total and I like the results I got from just useing the grow micro bloom with the calmag so basic and they did fine this grow was the let’s see how it does next grow will be the bread and butter test to see if I still love it with whole line being used @TDubWilly I’ve had bleach burn with led that did t make the leaf crispy at all


Right on! Well I don’t know what’s going on with that leaf lol, although I have seen it before.


The first set of leaves alway turn nasty, but they get cut off quick. As long as new growth looks green and healthy I wouldn’t worry so much. Your pics are tough to see. All the leaves look yellow and bleached. Maybe too much light when you took the picture.