Little help few questions on using ph and tds&ec meters

It’s a type of purified water. It just goes through a different process than RO water to remove contaminants.

I have the same meter it calibrates 0.30 low check yours closely.

Mine has alway been spot on. It still calibrates to 7 just not 4 anymore, lol

Mine is a newer model because it says I can store it dry if I want to. Just need the 3m kcl for that. But if I had that I could store it with that too. Getting that soon as well.

Im in this situation right now and i think it may be a contributing factor in my seemingly high ph levels. Maybe not. But i have the vivosun ph meter that uses 4.01, 6.86, & 9.18. Im using the general hydroponics 7.0,4.0 solution. I just purchased some 6.86 solution so we will see if theres a difference once it gets here.

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I’ve heard those vivosuns you have to recalibrate every use and be very careful with them. And that they only last a year at max. But hey, I hope it works for you man. I almost got the vivosun set myself. Needed up getting the apera ph20 instead and I’m gonna get a cheap tds meter.

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Mines been good for about 5 -6 days, but ive also not been using the “correct” ph solution. So who knows!? Lol i will be upgrading to a better ph meter soon.

It says they highly recommend add drops of water to the cap for frequent users. But also says Do NOT store in purified water, lol. It also says you can test the ph of purified water. Who the hell knows, lol

Well it says to use tap water. Which I guess is somehow different. Even though knowing people that have worked at water plants, it’s pretty much purified water. It has chlorine and fluoride and all that… but idk. The 3m kcl solution is like 12$ I’m gonna order some on Amazon soon and start using it then.

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