Little flecks that wipe off. Uh oh, or nothing?

I’ve noticed 1 plant in my tent has some small flecks that I thought looked like ash. Today I took a closer look.
What do you think? It’s been 1-3 flecks that I’ve wiped off in the past, but I want to be sure.


Humidity is about 55% day, 80% at night. Temps 75-80 day, 65 at night. Plenty of airflow. I have been battling fungus gnats.

Whatever it is, it’s more waxy than powdery. It easily scrapes off the leaf in 1 piece and there’s no signs of anything under it, (in case I’d dropped some nutes while watering).


I’m not sure either. Just no selling on this end

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Cut off a couple leaves with the “waxy drops”. I immediately put them under the scope. I can see small oblong shapes within the drops pulsing; not good.

Looks like this plant is getting exiled from the tent asap. Hopefully whatever it is hasn’t had a chance to get to my GDP.

Still looking for clues as to what it is. @latewood @Countryboyjvd1971


Watching. Pretty curious what you find.

Long shot, fungus gnat reproduction?

More pics

It might be these…


Lmao but seriously what is that?!?!

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I haven’t a clue. The plant appears pretty healthy. I may cut an infected leaf off and put it in a plastic bag. Just to see what appears.


It looks like there is something white or shiny in the center. Is that an egg or cocoon of some sort. Never seen anything like that before.


Looks like scale insects using Google fu.

Doesn’t look like pm, first pic looked like nute drops at first as you mentioned, last pics look like a pest, possible egg laying sites? Haven’t seen anything on my plants like that, but the overall plant looks very healthy, would def just keep a close eye, remove all infected leaves and then possibly spray for pests? I highly recommend Safer Soap, (safe, effective, easy to find and inexpensive)


@elheffe702. Good call. I’m thinking some scale insect myself. I’ve only seen fungus gnats, and the occasional sugar ant in the tent, but the tent is in the basement and I do have plenty of lumber/wood down there.

Either way, the infected plant is in exile and hopfully my important girls are bug free.


Maybe this will help :blush:


@SmoknGranny thanks for that. The honeydew excreted by the scale would explain why I’ve been seeing sugar ants. I sprayed her with neem yesterday. Hopefully she’ll be clean in a week or two and I can return her to the flowering tent.

I think I’ll call this mystery solved. :+1:


Glad I could help. That’s a good site as well as many other gardening sites. MJ has similar or same problems as regular plants and non MJ sites can be quite helpful :+1:

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Would love to see the scope shots. I have no idea from this image.

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It is/was scale. I didn’t take pics of many scope shots. Definitely creepy looking.