Little experiment question

Wasn’t sure where to put this. I was watching some videos where clones were being pushed to flower after only a few weeks of veg. So I decided to see what happened. The little guy is doing ok. I have it in a 30oz tea bottle. My question is on feeding it. I’ve been refilling the bottle every morning, but I’ve noticed the bottle is empty by about 5pm. Should I refill it more often? When I fill it I fill it just about to the bottom of the cup

Are you leaving it in the bottle the whole grow?? Curious to see this thing. Lol.

Lol yeah I am. Using the principles of bonsai or least my understanding of them is in order to keep them small you must keep the roots trimmed. It will grow fully but be miniature lol. Maybe I’m wrkng but the plants healthy it seems. It actually started growing little hairs today. Last night I just gave it distilled water with voodoo. It’s grown quite a bit this morning.

So trimmin roots on a water grow is not bad??? Im asking because my bucket has some root rot from the beginning of grow i can still see slightly can i cut that out some or will it mess up the grow. Its. Udding right now fairly well plant lools well i just h8 looking at the roots like that.

It doesn’t seem so. I had root rot on a couple of other plants and was able to get rid of it pretty quick with peroxide. Everything said to use food grade peroxide but what I did was fill a bottle with 25% peroxide and the rest with plain water. Then I let it sit in it for about 10 minutes then took it out and sprayed it really good with distilled water the. Put it back I. For another 10 minutes. You’ll see a bunch of the root pieces come off and float around. Then rinse really good again then put it back it it’s home. The next day the root rot was almost completely gone. The day after they were fine.

My reasoning behind this was I figured food grade or not the peroxide would still kill any bad bacteria and fungus. You’ll see the bubbles coming off the roots like you do when you per peroxide on a wound. Basically I left it in for about 20 minutes total because It stopped bubbling well almost stopped I figured all the bad stuff was dead.

Wonder if i should try this now or just leave it. I always give roots a rinse in phd water while i change out the nute bucket and clean it.

If you have rot now I would recommend doing it now. In my very very very limited experience I do it as soon as I catch it. I check roots daily so I catch it pretty quick. Just remember to not be afraid to use a lot of peroxide, rinse it well with distilled water after, and leave it in until bubbles are minimal.

I also wanted to drop a follow up here on root trim if you’re interested. So the roots of my experiment were getting too big. I couldn’t remove the plant from its holder so it was time to trim today. You can see it was all new grow th by the color. I also had to think it out a bit. I took about 1/3 off.

I should also add in my experiment I put a small air pump and small air stone dedicated to it.