Little droopy this morning

Lady’s looking a little droopy this morning, I over watered about 6 days ago and have been letting them dry out. The top inch or so is dry but the pots are still heavy and the soil is still moist when I dig a little deeper down. To water or not to water, that is the question :smile:

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Don’t water till they fill empty


Fight that urge!


Awfully big pots for small plants (that one on the corner at least). It’s harder for roots to get established and get the oxygen they need when planting directly into their final homes. You’ll see slow growth because of this, but once they get settled they should take off.

I would recommend when you water that you use a swirl so to speak. Rather than watering directly as the base/stem. This will allow the plant to get the water, but not be smothered and suffocate.

When I water my plants I try to use a schedule set to every 3-4 days, but no matter what the day of my notification I always lift the pots to see if they’re light. If they’re light, I’ll still use old finger method to the knuckle to feel if it’s moist & if both dry to the touch and light I’ll water.


Thanks for all the Insight man!! I can’t wait to implement all the new things I’m learning with this grow into round 2 :smile: that little one in the corner is stumpy, she’s had a rough go of it from the very beginning and I don’t think she is going to produce much, I just don’t have the heart to give up on her so I’m going to let it take its course