Little dots on the little plants

Hello everyone and thank you so much for reading my post. My plants have little dots on their leaves and I am not sure why. I have lost 4 plants due to this. I was wondering how could I prevent this and why some a little bigger plants get these white dots as well. I also think I water too much. Kind regard ya’ll!

Looks like a bad case of spider mites


Hello Bobby and thank you so much! I belive it is part of the leaf… these are not sticjing out bu5 I think it is discoloration of the leaf :slight_smile:

You need to inspect them closely, it looks like you have some sort of bug for sure.

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Hi bro, if they eat too many leaves when the plants are so small they will really struggle to survive. Please get the yellow sticky traps. Its little flies/thrips… the sticky traps are best. I tried lady bugs and everything but… just buy the sticky yellow things and put them with the plants. I have them with all my cheeses. They seem to love cheese these little creatures they are cannaisseurs thats why I love them a bit. Good Luck

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Good advise @Cheesemaker . I’ve been using fly paper strips around my plants. It’s amazing what you’ll find stuck to them. I have a problem with spotted cucumber beatles and they can do a lot of damage very quickly. Never thought about the yellow sticky pads. Gonna get some today.


You’d be well served by removing all that leaf trash, et al. from the pot. Especially if you have a bug issue. It just provides a place for the bugs to hide/multiply and also a good place for mold/mildew, et al. to start.

If you want to cover the media surface to reduce water loss from the surface, use a proper “mulch” or something that has been sanitized against anything living that might be detrimental to your plants.

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Thank you everyone but there are not due to spiders. These might be due to some chemical I used to balance my PH?

Sure looks like mine when I had spider mites. Only way to see them is with a magnifier.

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@Jbum I see the mites!!! Thank you so much! I am gonna try my ILGM bug blaster!!

I used H2O2 and 48hrs later used Captain Jacks and repeat 5 days later. This was suggested to me by @Myfriendis410 and it served me well. Also be sure to listen to all the above advice @QST_59 and folks really know what they are talking about. Great growers and willing to share free advice!!! Just sayn… :sunglasses:


Thank you so much to everyone! I just noticed all this wonderful feedback! That was amazing and thank you so much for taking the time to help me @Jbum @QST_59 @fRIEDfRED @Cheesemaker @dbrn32 and @Bobbydigital! I removed the leaves and sprayed the fan leaves and they are recovering all thank you ya’ll!


Looks like spider mites. Do you water enough? What about your lights? are all the leaves getting enough light?