Liquid Nute recommendations for use with FF Ocean Forest

I’ve been using the Fox Farm liquid nute trio in Ocean Forest soil for about a year or so. I’m looking at trying a different set of liquid nutes that aren’t as “hot” that can be purchased on Amazon. I need liquid nutes as my ladies are fed by an Autopot system.

Any recommendations?


Jacks 321. It’s not liquid form when you get it but it’s liquid form after you’ve mixed it. Same feed amount from start to finish so you don’t have to be consulting a chart each week.


Like @BobbyDigital said. I use it with my autopots


I use the Connoisseur line from Advanced Nutrients. Unlike Fox Farm there’s no need to flush during the grow, and depending on the water you’re using, there’s usually no pH adjustments needed after mixing.

When I first switched to Advanced Nutrients I used all the products in their schedule, but over the years I’ve eliminated most and now I just use the Base nutes, B-52, Big Bud, and Bud Candy, along with a few products from other companies.

I’ve never used the Jacks that’s very popular here in the forum. I’ve considered trying it because so many people here recommend it, but I’m reluctant to change something that’s working so well for me.

I think it’s pretty safe to say if you switched from the Fox Farm trio to either Advanced Nutrients or Jacks, it would be a nice improvement!

I had to flush 2 to 3 times per grow using the FF Trio. I don’t know that I’ve ever had to flush using Jacks. Maybe once at most.


I’m sure a large majority of us started out with the Fox Farm trio. I think it was Hellraiser who pointed out that any nutrient line that requires you to flush out the toxic salt build up it leaves in the root zone is probably not a good idea to use, lol. I took his recommendation at the time and switched to AN.
The pH perfect technology in the Advanced Nutrients is what I like the most about it. It makes things pretty easy for me.


I used to use the trio dry and liquid. Jacks is alot easier to use with better results. Atleast in my experience.


What are the main jacks nutes to get. I also use FF soil but my 5 Gallon persist of 1/4 on the top of happy frog since I start from seed then in the middle it has 1/4 happy frog 1/4 ocean forest mixed and at the bottom I have 1/4 strawberry fields for when the roots get to the bottom for flowering. I have NO nutrients at the moment. What should I get I hear a lot of Advanced and Jacks but don’t know which ones specifically I should get.

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Jacks 321. Amazon carries. Easy and cheaper

Plus pure (unscented) Epsom salt. You need both Parts A and B.

I use southern ag calcium nitrate and masterblend 4-18-34. Same as jack’s pretty much