Liquid karma and silica blast which ones more beneficial?

hey guys so I got a couple bruce banner auto seedlings sprouted now im getting ready to mix up my buckets here in about a week and was just wondering if these products really show any difference in the end product and which one is more valuable to get good yield/smoke.
I had originally planned on just running silica blast but ended up picking up liquid karma instead! Im debating whether or not I should just run with what I got… exchange it for silica blast… or run them both… its my first grow and im just trying to have the best harvest i can get…

nutrients imma run:
-pure blend pro grow
-pure blend pro bloom
-calmag plus
-liquid karma

Yea man I run all botanicare. Honestly you need cal mag plus liquid karma hydroplex hydrogaurd silica blast. It’s better to run the whole line honestly I pretty much do my plants are huge.
You can go on there website or search for their nutrient calculator print it out. It will give you the correct nutrient levels per week. I’d get some sweet raw or berry

right on @Mainboom ill try the silica blast… you have any problems with toxicity with the liquid karma?

Nope like I said find the nutrient calculator click everything you wanna use it will figure it for you. I sometimes bump things up slightly like cal mag or hydroplex .
Liquid karma is a macro nutrient not sure why you would get toxicity

I haven’t but I read this one thread and this dude swears its what killed his plants :stuck_out_tongue: ill try it out and tag you in my grow journal when I really get going! are you running the botanicare in hydro or soil?

Dwc I have a reservoir. I only use pure blend pro liquid karma cal mag hydroplex silica blast sweet and I use slf 100 because I can’t get hydro guard here.

Right on you use em all at full strength? I’ve been on the calculator for em but all I’ve researched is telling me to go quarter strength with autos

Idk about quarter strenght. Maybe half but once they sprout I start giving them nutes just dip the cube in them. Put alittle in bottom of tray. When I say alittle I mean less then half a cup.
So I basically use full strenght right off the bat myself. If you feel more comfortable go half and increase it as you go

I have silica blast, liquid karma, liquid seaweed. I tried them all on my super stressed plants in a greenhouse and a very hot summer. They are all supposed to help with heat and other issues. They all seem to work fine, but my main issue was nute lock, so after a good flush they recovered. I still feed a little liquid seaweed every once in a while

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I’m running auto flowers so imma give em a low dose! I just dont want to kill them lock em out like you said or stunt them! Im going to have 3 of them so ill probably feed them all different schedules so I can get a feel for whats best ya know! But thanks for the input ill make sure i be careful… was it the silica that locked em out for you? Cuz I know if you don’t mix it in first and let it sit for an hour that can happen when I reacts with the nutes! @jetlag

No it was the 100F+ in greenhouse that messed them up, and I was not sure what was happening, so I over fed when they were not uptaking properly, which created a buildup of salts and who knows what else. Best thing I did was run 20-25 gallons of water through each plant. I had White widow Autos in there as well using the same regimen, and same results.

Thats a bummer!! You still get a harvest out of them?

Yes, the autos ended up fine. The Photos are still growing, starting to flower finally

Hell ya right on! ill watch the Temps and try not to overfeed! I started a grow journal for em! its my first grow ill be sure to tag you when I need some advise! Thanks for chimming in! I appreciate it!

You are welcome, look forward to it

This is why you have to check you ph constantly and accurately. If you don’t have a blue lab ph pen or something equal I’d get one. I honestly don’t check my ppm or ec very often I find its more about the ph.
Keep it between 5.5 and 6.5. Let it rise naturally. Personally I ph for about 5.7 I like to try and keep it 5.7 to 6.2. And typically I’ll go through 5 gallons of water in 3 days. I find below 5.7 uptake isn’t as fast and 6.2 is about ideal range for uptake on everything.
I have had them pull all the nutes out and leave behind plain water. So ph is a big deal. Just watch it close I check mine daily or every other day. But I check my plants daily.
Good luck