Links for basic newbie tent indoor grow info

Hello rather than post a lot of newbie questions can someone point be to a site for info on indoor tent growing. The basic type questions I have are :

How do control temperature and humidity?
How loud are the fans/vents, can you watch tv near a tent ?
Are there automatic controllers for vents ? (Ac infinity I think )
Can I vent into a larger room without a window access ?
Will carbon filters eradicate most of the smell ?
Would you consider buying from a local hydro store ?

Thanks again in advance

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Keeping things local makes sense.


I am doing this more and more. Small businesses need more support than Amazon.


Airflow, airflow, and more airflow.

With a quality fan, yes. AC Infinity makes great fans. You should also have small portable fans circulating air within the tent.

Inkbird makes quality controllers. Iā€™m not sure that AC Infinity does other than the T series of fans.


Yes, a quality filter will. Among the most effective are Phresh and AC Infinity.

Yes. They can also answer questions for you.


I have 3 tents in my bed room A/C infinity fans and 8 other fans not as loud as my window A/C yes you can watch TV

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