Linking another grow journal to here

Good Morning,

Thank you for sending me the cherry pie seeds! 100% germination and she is already a few weeks into veg. I would like to add my journal to your forum here since they are your seeds, and I would like to show your community how her grow is going. This brings me to my question, I use growdiaries to track my grows, it is very detailed and provides a lot of information to techniques used, nutrients, and a lot of other very useful information. I’m sure with your team being in the industry as you are you have heard of it, after all ILGM is in the top 25 breeders there! Would you have any issue with me linking my diary under your beginner grow forum and documenting how the grow is going? Thought I’d ask rather then post and it violate the terms? Thanks


Welcome @Arborfarms! Linking your journal doesn’t seem to be any violation of terms, as long as your not trying to sell anything or linking to a site that does.

Sharing information, educating each other and helping one another is part of what makes our communities a fantastic place!

I wish you all the best with your grow and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Welcome to the forum. Let’s see what one of the moderators has to say. @dbrn32 @garrigan62

Or; Perhaps we should ask the Administrator @latewood

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Hello and welcome to the forum. We don’t have an issue with linking a journal from somewhere else in practice. However, there are advertising links for competitors there, so we wouldn’t be able to allow that. Sorry!


Thanks for getting back to me as quickly as you did! I understand about the advertising and that’s ok, I’ll try and do my best to document the grow as best I can for our fellow farmers. Thanks again!


hey bud and welcome, can you give us a quick summary with pictures and dramas involved… I tried the link, but to be honest I’m too lazy to sort through a new website with the amount of awesome grows here…:grin::+1:

edit, sorry I think u just said that…

No this is wrong. If you want to share a grow here; Make a journal. We are not going to start sadding extra work and be led into having to monitor other sites. Will we need to talk!!!

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No! I am sorry you got bad info but, you cannot link your journal from another site here. If you want to share your journal. Copy/Paste it into a journal here.

Sorry but, your link has commercial links and we are not going to send our customers to another site.

No way!

lw ~ Administrator

Linking to another site with advertisements is a violation of our terms written and posted.

Hello and welcome farmer :v::green_heart: @Arborfarms
a lot of us here would enjoy watching your grow. Copy and paste away

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Right, sort of.

We allow links to data or educational information as long as there are no commercial links advertising other products or seeds at that particular link. In this case there is commercial links to products other than our own and therefore, this particular ask is a “NO”.

Anyone thta want to have a journal can post one here. Otherwise; I amsorry but we are not going to start having to chase links because we get loosey goosey with the forum policy on sharing information.