Limits of Alcohol

I’d like to know how much dry herb can be processes with a 1/2 gallon of 190.

I have 5 gallon jars of trim & a 1/2 gallon of 190. Since 1/2 gallons are $30 here, I’m trying to cut my cost, but don’t want to waste my trim.

My thought is / maybe…
Freezer method every 15, filter, but instead of going into the casserole dish, back into the freezer for the next gallon jar of trim.

Is this feasible? If so how far will a 1/2 gallon of 190 go?

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Personally, I wouldn’t re-use the Everclear if you’re not reclaiming it with something like the Source Turbo. I would imagine that even the alcohol has a saturation point. I can make up to 3 runs but I use fresh Everclear each time (well, it’s been reclaimed in my Source).

@AfgVet? might know better

The rule of thumb is one ounce of alcohol per gram of flower. Unknown when you reach saturation of the solvent but you will get diminishing returns as it becomes more concentrated.

Like stated; a tabletop still like the Source Turbo will recover most of your solvent.

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source turbo or turbo source… gotta link?


Lol, to be honest I put bud in the jar and cover it with ethanol. I don’t measure anything these days. But I have heard the same as @Myfriendis410


Source turbo. Google it and go to the extractcraft page


Yeah I found it, there was just a couple of links to turbo source… should have read at least one line of those… engine turbos… :rofl: :rofl:

Holy smokes those are expensive. :grimacing:


They are. You can also use a water distiller but you won’t reclaim as much and you have to be careful not to burn the oil.

I’ll try to find an article I have on building your own


With This distiller you can control the temp…175/190 is perfect…just need to shut off after you’ve reclaimed 85/90% back, then reduce the rest in something open air


I use Psychadelic Sams cold ethanol extraction method
He did a test for saturation limits for ethanol and they were pretty high
The info is on Grass City and you have to manually search the thread for the info because the search function on the site is useless
The numbers went beyond my processing ability so you can save yourself a lot of alcohol by processing your flower in small batches and using the same tincture 2 or 3 times for the wash
If you do counter top distiller make sure you set a timer and check frequently
Im actually going to get a lab set up for reclamation

My tinctures and infused coconut oil and simple syrup