Limited time to Harvest & Dry...Help

Right now there is a very big difference between the maturity of my top buds and those on the bottom. The bottom pistils are just now turning brown while the tops are majority orange with some cloudy trichromes and some clear. I need to harvest the last few buds in no more thank two weeks. I wanted to cut some of the more ripe buds so that the others can mature and my plant can give more of its resources to the buds lagging behind. Is this a good idea? Is there another way to go about this. I understand that with my plans that I may not get maximum potency buds, but I have to do this soon or there will be no one to take care of my plant, harvest it, or dry my buds. Below shows the difference between my top and bottom buds.

This is the area I was thinking about cutting from.

I’m thinking about cutting the bundle at the top of the main cola and leaving the bunch in the middle, while taking a little off of the top of the other 4 colas in the picture.

Will snipping the buds at the very top of the main cola cost too much stress? Everywhere I read the say not to cut the main cola during flowering.

These are pictures of the trichromes from the main top cola.

It’s still a little too soon, but like I said I don’t have much time.

These are the trichromes from one of the 4 other colas.

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I always harvest a plant in stages. Usually 2. I cut down the mature buds and let those which have had less airflow and lighting mature another (usually) a week.


Strain : Zkittlez (auto)
Method: A Pot for Pot
Vessels: Fabric Pot
Light system: 10 light 14 dark
Temps: Day 71, Night 64/65
Humidity; Day 52, Night 55-60 no more than 64
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: I have a tiny heater that I don’t use often.

Grow Journal for more information:

I agree with@FixerPowertake the ripe ones and let the others go a few more days.

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Don’t worry about the light wispy stuff at the bottom near the main stem. It will not amount to anything unless you have a month to let them mature. Next grow remove these buds when they emerge and let the wasted energy feed the main flowers.