Limited hight on grow space

I have about 5ft-6 inch ceiling in my grow room and have light high as it can go. My plants reached the light so i bent the tops over and tied them, now the top branches are getting close to light. Grow is 7 weeks old and i would like them to fill out a bit more, what to do?

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Have you tried supercropping?

If you have cables on your lights I would shortening cables And gain a few inches to get you to the finish line. Also you might look at the way you got them attached to support bars an possibly gain a Couple inches . Just my thoughts good luck

I feel your pain. What I think is so under addressed with indoor grows is the available vertical space to grow. By the time I account for the height of the pot and the fact that I do not want the final product to get closer than 12" of the light, it really cuts into what I can grow and manage. My very first grow was photoperiod Wedding Cake that expressed it’s sativa phenotype. I topped, FIMed some, supercropped (super fun!), and tied down. My grow now is autoflowers. Zero topping, zero FIM, zero supercropping. Tied down and ratcheted down repeatedly. It is a challenge.

My next grow will be compact indicas as I loath the thought of planting my Purple Haze (sativa) seeds I bought from ILGM. I hope Santa brings me a Gorilla tent with extensions, if we don’t build a shop and put a grow area in next March.

You didn’t say whether you have autos or photoperiods. If photoperiods have some fun with them. Keep some coban stretchy medical wrap on hand to splint up if needed or repair on supercropping, should you chose. I have accidentally torn a stem near in two, put honey on it, coban, and it chugged right along and never even wilted. Photoperiod stems I grew were tougher than the tender autoflower stems.

Oh, and in photos, when flipped then can double their height. So you may want to flip sooner than later.

Here is the fun arch I ended up with on my first grow.

And here is the auto grow I have now. Both were SCROG grown.


Thanks for the info, i have Super Skunk fem. And they want to keep shooting up.