Limited area to grow

I have 76’’ from ceiling to floor
subtract 9’’ for the pot , 7 ‘’ for the light , and 15’’ from light to top of plant , only leaves me 3’ 9’’ … Can I do this and get a decent yield ??? LSD fem. 750 watt hps/ mh … Indoor,

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Look into LST and a SCROG. Type either in the search bar and you will find tons of info.


Ive seen low stress training … Its only my 2nd grow and im a bit leary … Can I just tie the tops back ?? When do i start training them , how big should they be , lol

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You can strain training now if you wanted to. Basically, with LST, your trying to get the top of the canopy wider, but also all even. I started by spreading my plants colas out to open up the middle of the plant. After a few days or so, you just take your tallest branches, or colas, and bend them down to match the height of the others.


. Like I said , 2nd grow and I dont want to start by going ballistic on them , I trimmed the bottoms and did a few branches to start … I guess ya gotta learn sometimes … Thanks guys … Yep

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Bend the top down or top it to break the vertical dominance so the plant will put more energy into side branches

You have enough room to run a nice grow. Use methods posted above. Another good idea may be to try running air cooled hood.

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@dbrn32 Its kept at a constant 72 deg. in the daytime and 68 deg. at night … How cold should it be ???

Your canopy temps could be a little warmer lights on really. I meant for if you were concerned about plants getting too close to light. The closer they get to light the warmer they will be.