Lil update newb first timer grow

Decided to green house it. I will try to post updates. My seeds should be here any day now

Got things goin in the right direction I think.
Got my subcool super soil recipe cookin and got ma happy frog ready to do his thing
Should be a blast
Gonna scrog the amnesia haze and northern lites and try cropping and lst methods for the blueberry
Got the auto mix pac


Also the screen media I am using is 4’x6’
Hoping that I can fill it with two girls

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I will go whit fabric pots instead that you have! Maybe you can send them back and purchase the fabric ones. 3gal for autoflowering and 5-7gal for photo periods strains… Just a thought :wink:


So smaller pots

What do you mean?
If you want to grow inside that you will need

The pots I have are 7 gallon
Here is my ticket

Strain; amnesia haze , blueberry , northern lights
ILGM autoflower mix pac
Growing one of each
3 ladies in total
Soil in pots, supersoil/happy frog

System type? Hand watering

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Not there yet

What is strength of nutrient mix? Should be 6.5-6.8 out of the bag

Outdoor , green house 6’x8’

Light system Sun

Temps; day 100 ,nite 75

Humidity; day 20% +/- night 20%+/-

Ventilation system; Yes fan if needed

So you suggest fabric 3 gallon pots for the autos for best results?

Sorry I just figured out the whole support ticket deal
Outdoor grow kinda
In a green house
Gonna scrog the amnesia haze and northern lights on a 4’x6’ grid

For outdoor I think you need at least 7gal, maybe more bigger ones… Let’s ask @Countryboyjvd1971, she’s growing in that

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I was gonna go full outdoor but the wife felt better if the girls were somewhat outta site
I am not doin anything wrong but people get some screwy ideas when they look over thier nieghbors wall and the see some bitchin cannabis growin back there so green house it is
Cant do indoor for various reasons

Great looking project!

I would definitely go with fabric pots, not sure the right size. I had WAY too many problems in both clay am plastic on my first grow. They are pretty cheap. I got a 5-pack for less than $10 on amazon.


Wow looks good! I’m going with 3 gal fabrics myself. I’m inside and figure I can do 4 plants max in my space. The mail has been slow, but I’ve had to buy literally eveything online. Good luck! We’re watching!

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Right on
Fabric pots it is
I can use these green ones for sumpin else
Pic of green house progress and one of ma veggie garden for fun😊

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Looking good! Personally I would ditch the supersoil and stay as organic as possible. And yes: fabric pots are the cat’s ass! Let’s get another Socal outdoor pot grower in on this @Rugar89.

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The super soil is an all oganic list of ingredience its based off Subcools recipe

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I did this cause I seen really good results and seems that nute issues seem to be easier to manage with the super soil
SS in bottom 1/3 of the pots and usin happy frog ontop of it
So I guess the idea is to give tge girls most of the nutes they need all the way up to harvest and no flushing or fuss

And thanks for the help and direction , always appreciated and never falls on deaf ears🙂

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That sounds like a great idea. Now to find out if your plan survives contact with your plants haha.

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Lil nervous
But good thing I have all u folks here to help out a bro