Lil help here on accidental oversight

I forgot and left a seed in water for almost a week. It’s actually got a small green leaf showing. I put it in some froggy. Y’all reckon she will take hold and grow?

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Now that is taking “hydro” growing to a whole new level

It might just work out as it seems like you have a fighter on your hands

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Well, ya know she can swim! Let us know how she does

Will do​:crossed_fingers::+1:

Picture would be great

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If it is still green it is still good.


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I’m not too good with the format on here as far as pics, replies, and everything. But I’m trying to figure out. There’s my Pic of my accidental oversight

Look at it go woo hoo!

She ready for life

Hey, I tried to easily pour water on that with a water bottle. It washed it completely loose. The root curls and goes straight up as if the root is just making a bug “U” crazy huh? I put it back in the dirt so we’ll see

She’s been a swimmer , just lock her in be careful with the root she should do fine

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Don’t add water for a few days maybe a week. This will make the root seek out moisture. When the soil dries out water in a circle 1-2” out from the seedling. Let it seek water this will grow root structure, and you’ll be fine

Yes it will take root and grow. I have had a couple actually break in two. I planted the “top” in my seedling starter and they took off.
Happy growin,