Lights weren’t going off

Well this is a major F up. I flipped my
Lights to flower and went out of town and had a friend mixing my nute recipe for me. my room is automated so it’s pretty easy for someone to take over. Well I came back after 2.5 weeks of being absent and my lights weren’t flipped my
Heat sensor was tripping the timer! The girls have been getting all the bloom nutes and getting nuked by 24hr light :weary: they’re crazy big no. are these ladies going to be ok? I fixed the lights right away and flushed but I’m so worried they’re going to herm on me. Has anyone had this happen? They are on week 1.5 of true flower now and are budding and I’m watching them like a hawk and praying they will be ok!

Pics plz

I would just flip back ton12/12 and let them ride

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ill have to run down and take a photo but they look fine other than the lights being messed up


Can you explain heat sensor tripping timer please? I don’t really understand how that would work, or your setup.

I’m thinking your lights didn’t run 24 hours for 2.5 weeks if plants look like they’re continuing to flower, unless they are autoflower plants? If they are autoflower, should be no harm there.

So the heat sensor plugs into the light timer and should the room go about a set temp it turns off the power for some reason wasn’t allowing the timer to turn the lights off. They were definitely on 24 no buds were forming. They are now on 12/12 and beginning to flower I had to top all of the plants because they were reaching the lights. They aren’t autos

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So neither the timer or temp sensor turned off the lights? I’m wondering if you don’t have a bypass switch on your timer that was accidentally switched on. All of my timers have them.

What do you have temp sensor set at, and does it trigger often? First I’ve seen or heard of setup like that. Most use the temp sensor to start and stop fans to control temp in order to not disrupt their light schedule.

nope It kept it running for some reason I don’t know Why. The timer was set correctly I unplugged the sensor and timer turned right off when it was suppose to. It’s just Incase’s the gets too hot and I’m not around so I don’t burn my shop down.


Was it an electronic digital timer or the mechanical clock type?
I’ve seen some electronic timers that don’t have a cmos back up clock or a power off settings memory. In my case was using a cheap digital cycle timer, if power glitched , timer would reset. This may have been your case with the thermal safety switch shutting off power to the timer.

Nope no digital on the lights I only run the clock type since the digitals do tend to get glitchy. I don’t know what’s up with it but I have an overhead extinguisher so I’m just skipping the sensor since it didn’t do it’s job in fact it did the opposite haha. :see_no_evil:

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