Lights went out


My lights went out for almost 5 hrs in the middle of their photoperiod of 20/4.
Should I continue with my current schedule or start the 20 hr light period from when I got them back on this evening?
Big Bud 8 days old in Happy Frog in pint cup under T5 for seedling then under LED for Veg/Flw.



Yes, absolutely return them to their regular light cycle.

Outdoors in nature, sometimes you have a very dark cloudy day or even the solar eclipse once in a while, and the plants would do just fine, lol.

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Thanks @MacGyverStoner. I appreciate the advice, cause I wasn’t quite sure which way to go and they are such beautiful little bables…(of course I may be a bit prejudiced…LOL

Thanks Again


Yeah, consistency is important. This short moment that was out of the regular schedule won’t be that big a deal. The plants do have their own internal clock, if you will. And even though the lights went out this once, it isn’t enough to change what they are expecting, not just yet.

Just like when you go to a different time zone and even though the light cycle in the different time zone might be very different, you - yourself will take more than a couple days for your internal clock to change, and you experience what we call jet lag. Don’t give your little ladies jet lag :wink:



Cool, Thanks Again


You are very welcome. :grin:.


As long as your plants are in veg you never have to worry about whether your lights are on or off , or what’s going on… I use a room and it has lite coming in whenever somebody’s doing something or whatever it don’t matter because they’re in veg …now once you get into flower that’s when you don’t want your lite schedule interrupted and not necessarily if the lights go out , that’s really not a big deal …you just don’t want the lights on when they’re supposed to be off… that’s the only thing you have to worry about and that’s only in flower… as far as anything else no big deal , who cares…



@peachfuzz Gotcha…Thanks