Lights to far from seedlings?

I’m new to this and this is my first grow. I’m concerned the light distance is not correct. I had the light about 36" from seedlings which are about 5 days old. They look like they are really reaching. The light is a King LED 3000W. Another concern is the moisture, the soil looks really wet. Only watered once when planted seeds. Should I lower the light? Should I take the top off the planter and let it dry out a bit? I have the temp set around 78 F and humidity at 65%. The planter is the heated type so it’s been on since I planted the seeds.


Leave top on. Dont water seedlings, mist dome and if you have to give water directly only a few drops per plant. My lights were within 9 inches of seedlings. HLG 260xl turned to min. About 100w or so.

Your light is different than mine so distance may very. Bottom line on height…if it stretches lower the light if it doesn’t stretch raise it a few inches and watch the plant, it will tell you!


Welcome to the forum. I’m still new also just dropping seeds on 3rd grow, each one I’ve learned so much from the fellow growers on forum. I keep my seedlings really close to light to make the nodes start close together but that’s just me other people have other ways. @dbrn32 is who most people get help with lights. I would take top off maybe turn off heat so they can dry. Again that’s me let’s tag you a few helpers @PurpNGold74 @LoCoRock @GreenJewels and anyone reading this new grower has questions Thank You :laughing::laughing:


As I said lots of ways just try it both ways sometime see what works for you Happy growing :sunglasses::laughing::laughing:

Also tag me in to watch your grow

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I would set your light height at around 20 to 24 inches. If they keep stretching and getting leggy then lower it down a few inches.

@Audiofreak that 260 kit is WAY to close. Quantum boards should run around 20 to 24 inches above the canopy as well. Even turned down that is way to much light for a seedling.


I forgot you also are good with lights, I’ve been reading thru your thread you grow nice plants :laughing::laughing:


Is that water dripping off the seedling?


Lol I’m not as technical like dbrn is with being able to shoot spec numbers about every light ever invented but I’m pretty hip with LED’s and building DIY led fixtures.


I thought the same at first, but…

Once I removed the dome I raised the lights to about 15 inches and have slowly raised to 20 inches. The seedlings loved it and are real close nodes and only 2 weeks after transplant the look like this
Maybe strain related but no burn or issues so far.


That’s funny you noticed that. I posted a thread about it. It was way too viscous for just water, thick and tacky to touch. Never saw this before, though of the peps were drips from dome to aspiration.

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I’m glad it worked for you. But a 260xl kit at 9 inches from a seedling is craziness lol


I haven’t heard of anyone but me but I keep aflouresent light very close to seedlings going by the stretch. This makes them grow lots of roots and keep nodes close. That’s just me but it also makes more room under grow lights. They stay there till their forever bucket. I have seeds dropped in water so I’ll post pics

I agree, light was too far away.

No water drops on the plant, soil seems to be to wet. The top soil has never dried out. I’ll lower light to @ 24" or so. This light has no control, just on and off. I’ll watch for a couple days and see how it does. Thanks for all the input.


Hi @grasshoppers and welcome to ILGM. Solid advice above. 24 inches sounds spot on. Just watch for changes. And its hard on the eyes tryna see thru the blurple. For pictures could u shut off the light or move the tray to a naturally colored lighting area?

Also seedlings dont have many roots, thats why the dirt stays wet (in addition to the dome trapping humidity which is a good thing at this stage, because of the aforementioned lack of roots). Thats why we scream sow seeds in damp not soaked soil. Just dont water until she asks for it or the dirt has dried. Usually 8-10 days after ive sowed a seed before i add a little misting (not ready for watering yet then)


Great news. Thanks. I lowered to 24"and will watch closely.


Hmmm weird wonder what it was?

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Welcome to the forum, lot of great advice here, hope to watch these girls grow.


Hello and welcome to the forum :wave: Looks like everyone has given you great advice. That’s usually the norm around here. Thanks for the tag @Amazon66

Wow, that looks like a lot of plants your going to have. I would definitelyy let them dry a bit. If the soil doesn’t dry soon you can always take the humidity top off and put a fan in the tent that blows at the wall bouncing off and onto the plants, just for a couple hours a day to help the soil dry a little and prevent problems.

I’m in total agreement with ya purp. I’ve seen a lot of damping off seedlings from over saturated mediums.

You’re going to do fine @grasshoppers. You’ve accomplished the first hard task of germination. Tag me if you start a journal, I’d love to follow your grow :v::green_heart: