Lights required per sq foot


Thanks! I will check it out!


Also, there was mention of about .5 grams per watt earlier in this post, will this produce more than that? Or does the same rule apply?


I think my first run with the QB I was able to get 1.3 grams per watt. I also have a DIY strip fixture in my 2x2 tent and I should easily get 1g/watt off that too.


Well gpw is really dependent on the grower, I know of q couple guys getting 1.5 gpw off blurples. While a good light can cut the experience required significantly, it’s just another variable in getting high numbers
But yes you should have no problem getting .5 gpw in fact you should have no problems getting to 1 GPW and higher once you hone your skills.


I think that kit would be what you’re best bet would be. The yield per watt is rough estimate. The strain your using, growing methods, and experience among other things will play into it.

Sometimes you’ll see a really good grower with good equipment run relatively low gpw, just because of how selective they are with trim. Others you’ll see exceptionally high because they weigh all of their larf and leaves too.


I have that same light, just mine is the long version. I’ve had it up today will be it’s first day. It seems daunting to put together, but I know exactly nothing about electricity and I was able to put it together with a little help from the great people here. I know @MattyBear has the same one as muself and has had his for longer.


I definitely will not have a problem putting it together, from the site, there was a youtube video, gotta love the Internet these days! Well, looks like it is time to start socking money away for a proper setup! I think a tent, ventilation, and proper lighting are all in order, I am feeling confident in the hydro part so far. Thanks again for all of the tips!


Is the theory true can you get a pound and a half from a 1000 watt light


Yes. How easily you get there will depend a lot on how good of a 1000 watt light it is, your square footage, and how good of a grower you are.


I have a 12 ft long 6 foot wide 7 foot high area have a kind LED XL 1000 on a light rail going to do white willow autos what would you recommend plant count to receive a pound and a half


That ain’t no 1 kilowatt light, it’s only 650w so calculations may have to be altered.


I’d say you need more light for a space that size. And you’d be looking for more than a gram per watt from that light, which usually doesn’t happen without a long veg time.


Does the light rail and CO2 help with the yield of that light


Let’s run the math…

Kind k5 xl 1000 from 350nm to 750nm has total ppf 874 umols per second.

12’x6’ is 72 square feet. Converted to square meters is 6.689 square meters.

So 874 umols/s divided by 6.689 square meters will give you a ppfd of 130.66 umols/s/m2.

That’s about a third of the recommended light levels for vegging plants. And about 15-20% of the light recommended for flowering. That light is pretty much designed to operate in a 1m by 1m space. The mover would help a little, but probably turn the space into all having fluff instead just not where the light isn’t.

Co2 isn’t recommended until ppfd is around 1000 umols/s/m2. So doubtful that is helping.


So another one of those lights would help out huh


Honestly, if you could get 4 of them on the light rail would probably be good. Or 6 without. It’s just too big of space to do with only a couple of light sources.


Irie modified my grow room now I am working with a five-by-five area with the LED xl1000 my room is a little bigger than what you recommended a 3 by 3 can you recommend additional lights that will help make up this extra space in my five by five


Everyone very happy with the quantum boards.


O have a k5 LED 1000 that I’m using for my sprots I turn the Reds all the way off Lightworks on percentage got stretching going on what percentage would you recommend for this light


Check the owners manual. I believe they give recommended light recipe and heights for different stages of growth. If you don’t have it, I believe you can download from kind website.