Lights question please!

I had a crap light that wasn’t doing much…then I got this 600w L.E.D monster…think iv gone from 1 extreme to another…I can’t raise it anymore…and my space is small…shall a get a less powerful light (300-400) would that be enough to veg and flower In my small space…thanks!

Are you seeing any light bleaching? The distance looks okay, and it looks like they’re done stretching.

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Yeah my G14 is quite frazzled and iv gotta keep my top cola away from directly under my light as that was frazzling some sugar leaves…first grow so another lesson learnt…I’ll know for next time to keep them really low!! :roll_eyes::see_no_evil::joy:

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can’t you dim it down

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No mate…read up about a dimmer switch but heard it can mess up lights not designed for dimming…the light only cost about £70 so could possibly get a less powerful light but worrying it won’t be powerful enough…can use the 600 in a bigger space in future!

what is the brand and model of the light, what is your watering schedule, what nutes are you using, how often, any calmeg

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One if these bad boys…watering every 2 days (until dry)…in soil (that I now know is hot with nitrogen) using ionic soil Bloom and a big bud booster…iv not added calmag myself…assumed it’s all in my nutrients! Thanks

i don’t think that light will burn your plant, what height above the plant do you have it. to me the leaves look drupe from maybe over watering but i don’t really know.
@Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser , these guys will help you out

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It’s not over watered…the leaves are dry and crisp almost…it’s nitrogen toxicity I believe…I.used a stupid standard potting soil and didn’t think about it being loaded with time release nutrients…so it’s got too much nitrogen…hence the clawing fan leaves…probably not helping with my issue…but it’s definitely frazzled my G14…and it’s not even directly under the light! :see_no_evil:

That light is only 125 watts and is insufficient to grow a plant. Likely cause is nute burn.


Yeah, it’s a 125 watt light, too much light is not the problem.

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You need a taller tent.

@Myfriendis410 it’'s a 600w…says it on the box and the site I bought it from…plus high T.H.C rating…how have you worked out its on 125w?? I’m confused! Yeah nutrients are messing her up a bit…I did explain about my hot pot! @Zee it’s not a tent…it’s a built in wardrobe and iv taken the draws out and waked a curtain across it! :joy::sunglasses: Thanks guys!

Sorry, you’ve been duped by misleading amazon marketing.

Are you using aluminum foil?


Yeah I’m using tin foil mate…guess I was in a hurry to get a better light so grabbed this one…it’s probably less than 15cm above my canopy I guess so I know iv not got the hight right…so new light or LST then low in future?

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That’s pretty close to your girls.
I’m not really sure what lights would be a suitable replacement. How small is your space?
How’s your air movement?

Tinfoil can actually focus hot spots on your plants. Flat white paint is cheap and easy if you’re on a budget.

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It’s quite small really mate…bout 100cm in height…bout 30cm deep and about 80cm wide…can only fit 2 plants in there really…but have to keep the branches low that are directly under the light…and I think your right about the foil…it’s frazzled a cola that’s not under the light…my be a reflection thing