Lights! Please help urgent! Want to keep plants in veg mode

I have only used Fox Farms Trio and Roots Organics dry nutrients lines (NOT at the same time LOL). I just follow the manufacturers recommended feeding schedules with excellent results.


6-4-5 a good ratio for my stage of growth.
Or would 0-5-4 be better??

As much as I love y’all advice and help, I’ve NEVER use blooms additives when out side just compost and honestly just very light 10-10-10 and they did great in the ground.

But trying things different now so seeing what options I have on low budget.

Yeah dude you’re in the ground alot more room to buffer things instead of a 5 gallon pot lol. Just lightly feed for a few weeks and stick it into the ground. Dont over complicate things you got this!

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6-4-5 would be ok just lightly feed the 0-5-4 would be ideal for say week 4 or 5 through ending of flower.

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So 2.6-2.0-.26 would be ok for now till I can purchase bloom fertilizer?

I’m trying them now do you stop the liquid trio when you do the dry

If you are in organic soil with natural ammendments, you dont want to fertilize at all. Nature will do its thing just fine. No point in toxifying your soil.

Actually you can be extremely successful running the same npk ratio from start to finish. It’s more important that you have at least some of all the required macro and micro nutrients. Once you have a complete nutrient package, there is pretty big range of final npk ratio you can be successful with.


this is why I believe I need something added to it,

  1. Last time just watered

And these photos.

Sure, magnesium maybe? Which is good example of what I was trying to say. No amount of N, P, or K will probably fix that, so the npk ratio won’t necessarily matter.

I would think so yeah, you could even do a very light feeding of the others if that’s what you’ve already been using.

So then nothing will fix it so what does that mean? Trouble down the road? Death maby?

Nobody said that. I’m suggesting you look at all of the nutrients your plants will need and make sure you can supply each as needed.

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Gotcha! :sweat: thought the worst.
Ok I’m on the hunt for nutes

You need to Google how to get phosphorus to your plant with home remedies. I’ll look too…:grin::seedling::seedling:

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I found boil banana peelings then drench soil with water after cooling, let ferment best results. Bone and fish meal, chicken poop bury a banana in soil plant is growing in. Hope one can help. :sunglasses::seedling:

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Dam! Found a handful of these as I was looking through the foliage. What is this Deficiency

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