Lights! Please help urgent! Want to keep plants in veg mode

T5 high output.

I have this old fixture I think I’ll have to swap ballast out of, I just hate electricity! Well getting the shiz shocked outa me that is, long story short, hurricane season ran generator which powered whole house is was sputtering at 3ish am(low gas) went to unplug brothers-in-laws plug so I could avoid shock( generator still running) bare wire I couldn’t see it grabbed hold of me and I couldn’t let go for about 3 or 4 mins, straight up peed myself.

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Ya, electricity takes a little knowledge to navigate safely. From the looks of it you would need a different ballast bulb holders to turn that into a t5 fixture.

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You mean something like these but specially for the t5

Like these lol

Yes, although those are for t8 and t12, which aren’t compatible

Yes I know just was saying that’s the part you were talking about. I understood. :smile:

Also will it hurt my plants idk but the timer mush have tripped of something but lights didn’t come on for the first two hours this morning! Is that gonna hurt them? They are in flower.
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They’ll be fine in flowering.
The problems happen when the plants are in veg, and they get extended dark periods. Which triggers the flowering process.


Sigh” ok good! Thanks for having my back sir? Ma’am? I don’t even remember. Srry just woke up.


Sir! Just don’t call me late for dinner. I don’t miss a meal!


Hahaha me either bro!
Hey whats is the cause of this discoloring of the leaves? I just noticed and it’s on more leaves than I like to admit.


Most likely lack of nitrogen. Bump your nitrogen up. Has she fully stretched yet? This is why.

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Only been 2weeks since flip, but it also has been cold last couple night like right now look.
And also I feed” every other time should I start feeding more often now?
For what ever reason these girls have survived the cold and then some they are truly magnificent plants this stuff we call weed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would feed more often.
25°F here, so I don’t want to hear it. Lol


I’ve been there they were given to me in November I think. So yeah and have been “outside“ since. Ha

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And many more people.
Just over night!


Would all purpose 10-10-10 be too much right now in flower? That the only fertilizer I have that has any real P K

You want more N.

What Are you using for flowering?

I don’t have much other than the all purpose, cal mag 2-0-0
5-1-1 liquid fish
Formula a 35
image image image