Lights out "Screw up" in week 3 of flower? How Bad? Best Fix?

Left door to grow room partially open for almost 2 1/2 hours at beginning of “lights out” cycle today. Timer did it’s job and grow room is at far end of house with very little natural light available, so light level in room was quite “Dim” lets say “twilight” but a long way from the usual complete darkness.So, I just closed the door but now I’m thinking maybe I should have reset timer to give the girls a full 12 hours of complete dark??? Any suggestions as to best course of action most appreciated. Thanks, PM

P.S. Timer is in grow room so a reset now would mean yet another “light interruption” Dam, screw ups in full snowball effect now! 6 gelato 33’s first day of week 3 flower (12/12) under 1000w HPS. All good till now, ANY help… Thanks again

You’ll be fine. One little “screw up” isn’t going to hurt her

Thanks, hope not. Think just leave it be? or adjust light cycle for full 12 of dark?

Just keep your 12/12 schedule

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thanks, we should both sleep better tonight. Have heard some re-veg and hermie horror stories over less so???

No worries! They’ll never know!

Did the same thing walked out of room with overhead light still on didn’t find it until following afternoon. You’ll be fine

Well… maybe.

Depending on the intensity of the light received it may or may not be an issue. Also, some plants are more touchy than others.

I’d guess if it was a really dim light you’ll be ok.

Just try not to repeat it.

:+1:t5: This tho

I had the same thing happen. Left my overhead bedroom light on during dark-cycle and didn’t realize it until I came to check on them the next day. They are in week 2 of flowering and I hope this has not hurt them😱