Lights out for a few seconds due to blown breaker!

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, I have a spare bedroom that’s basically been turned into a grow room, I have 2 tents 1 for veg, 1 for flower, now I was just in there tending to the plants that are 3 weeks into flower, and because I have so much stuff plugged in running electricity, I blew a breaker, I immediately went and turned it back on, so was off less than a minute, prolly less than 30 seconds, will my plants be ok, and I’M ONLY ASKING, cuz I had 2 ALREADY herm on me earlier on, about 1 week into flower because of light stress, I know I have to cut back on my energy, but can’t do NOTHING until I harvest the big girls I have going, but will my plants be ok, with less than 1 minute of a power outage, 3 weeks into flower? Any insight is my h appreciated, and I know I should know this stuff, but it’s literally only my SECOND grow!!

They’ll never notice that lil blip.
Watch the breakers aren’t getting warm on ya tho. Dont want to read about it later. :crossed_fingers::pray:


Yeah thanks for the response, I pretty much run MOSTLY low wattage stuff, whatever I can that’s made for low wattage I run it, it’s just A LOT I have 2 tents going in a 2 bedroom apartment in one of the rooms, that usually has 4 outlets maybe 6 but NOW like 15 or MORE :grimacing::grimacing:, so yeah I’ve been in the breaker box a few times, as someone else suggested it a little while back too, thanks bro!!

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Its more of an issue if your timer malfunctions and nights come on for a second in a dark period… dark periods are to be un interypted… light time no big deal :sunglasses::v:your fine dont worry

I don’t think there’s much to worry about with autos. I’m on 18/6 schedule. During this past winter storm I had a couple days of lights going on and off because of power outages. I’m in late flower and doesn’t seem to be any problem. Don’t worry.

Well I was only worried because I swear to God I regret buying these crystal meth auto’s, cuz they are SUPER sensitive to EVERYTHING, they’re sensitive to NUTES, LIGHTS, WATER, PH AND ESPECIALLY NITROGEN!!! She’s been a very tough grow, and I’ve already had one herm me, so it’s concerning because the sole reason that thing hermed was light streses, (she told me):joy::joy: no but jokes aside, a few weeks ago when these first went into flower I surged my power like 4 times in a day, every time lights out less than 2 minutes, but a few days after that,I woke up to a HERMIE, and a plant that just turned full blown male with pollen sacks EVERYWHERE, so I just got concerned yesterday and wanted to see what ppl had to say. In all honesty I think it’s ok too, I just like affirmation from the guys who LIVE TO HELP GUYS LIKE ME, and it’s so much appreciated thanks everyone!!!

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