Lights on timer, how about filter/fan?

I just moved my plants into a 4x4 foot tent with filter and fan and lights ( 600wt HID) - I put the timer on my lights for 12/12 what should I do with the filter/fan? stay on 24 hours? or timer as well? hmmmmm…

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Yes your going to need Aryan and air out plus add some clip-on fans too and keep a 9" High Velocity fan(s) on the floor and you won’t ever have a gnat get some air moving you’ll be doing yourself a favor don’t shut it off you’ll get all kinds of humidity mold and fungus issues trust me on this one
’- best of luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks, Im looking at the tent and it has 3 small vents near the bottom of the tent that have flaps that can be opened. My first thought was to leave those open with the fan running the filter and the small floor fan but now I’m concerned about letting light in … for flower dark time. when i close the flaps i can actually see the sides of the tent pulling in lol not hard but because there no intake vents open… suggestions?

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You could run some flexible duct out one or two of the holes and into an open space that stays dark.


Yes as the private said and some have a 220cfm in-line in the flex-duct, mostly use it as passive but in the heat best to run everything.

Put in a curve or use 6 or 8’ of inlet duct and you should not have light issues


Are you in veg or flower phase? Just wanted to make sure you weren’t running lights at 12/12 for plants in veg haha

I just started flower ( hey there :slight_smile: thanks for checking on me for sure!)

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