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So I have been growing for a while nite it’s more of a solid hobby than on the side but what I really wanted to know is what do you guys do for successful growth I’m on autos now but considering photos next. What do you use and how often do you feed and water I’m currently at every two days with coco worm.casting and verm but use remo nutrient line I’m really pushing the organic next with veg and bloom just to eliminate some steps with the whole watering drain I process what do you think is best and what else should I try I’m also running Mars Hydro ts600 in a 3x3x6 on 12/12 any suggestions there please let me know thanks!

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I recommend photos in natural light as with the purple you cant see sh** . I use FFOF soil in 7 gal fabric pots, water about every 3 days with 2 gal of water, feed neuts every other water.


How the TS600 holding up in that size tent?
I was looking at the 600 but went for the TS1000 instead and got two of them for a 2/4/6 ft tent

Your light is a 100 watt fixture, you will need a lot more light to get decent buds.

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udio I have a new Mars hydro ts600 here’s how it looks

@JSH1973 the 600 covers about 4/4 veg and 2/2 flowering the plants like it the only problem is it gets in the 80s which scares me and I have two full spectrum 300 watts on either side that I have on low dim just to give them some color you know the ts is practically sun like and I have it at least 4/5 feet up scared to burn do you think I should drop it down again it gets hot and what is the best recommendation for managing humidity or cooler air with these things?

Ffof soil? @Audiofreak

@merlin44 you mean the ts600 that’s 100 watts that thing emits so much out sun shine I also have two full spectrum 300 watts led on either side but on low dim my concern is the heat and humidity?

The picture is just to show the size

FFOF is Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil.

Keeping your temperatures and humidity in the proper range is important. Getting enough light on your plants is also important if you intend to get nice tight buds.

With that class of light, you will want to get about 35 - 40 watts per square foot as a rough estimate. Along with your other lights, you may have enough light. Check the name plate to determine actual wattage and use that to determine if you have enough light or not.

The TS600 might flower 1’ X 2’.

I can’t advise you on lights as I’m new to this game myself but I thought that just the TS600 was maybe not enough

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I don’t have that here and don’t like ordering soil what other recommendations you have for silk currently using coco

Great advice I’m thinking about raising the two 300 watts and then increasing the output. What food options do you have for humidity and cooling

:grinning: cool was thinking about getting another but I have a good source here I think two would be just too damn hot!

For the size space that you have, likely a 4" exhaust fan will move enough air to keep your temperature under control. The warm exhaust air should be ducted outside so you don’t heat up the room outside your tent. Relative humidity can be controlled with dehumidifier on the air intake of your tent to reduce humidity and humidifier if you need to raise it.

I use a combination of all of those plus a room sized A/C unit. I am running about 2200 watts in an 8’ X 8’, just for reference. I might be able to get by will less light but I really want BIG, DENSE buds.

cool so yea i do have the 4 inch exhaust going up in out since my grow is built in the wall i have no way of actually doing the intake unless i make a whole and put another fan would that be fan pullin in cool air or fan to push out extra heat ?

Whether passive (no inlet fan) or forced (inlet fan), it is crucial for there to be air flow in and out of your tent. This scrubs the heat out and provides fresh air into your tent which your plants need. That is where the CO2 comes from, the fresh air.

okay so im thinking about a small dehumidifier like 30 bucks not one that requires constant water fill up and i have two fans going small though and then maybe get one oscillating fan just have to get the positions of my lights together being this is the end of the flower ill know for sure what the light can do on my next grow i also lowered the light some to generate more synthesis . for the other two lights they are at max and im gonna leave them down for now on the side and next cycle they will be up. thanks by the way very helpful!