Lights, lights and more light's

Well, after a semi-disaster of a first grow, I’m ready to upgrade my light situation. After reading many reviews and personal experiences, I am leaning towards the HLG 320 watt XW LED Quantum Board with Respec V2 spectrum. I have a 3X3 tent and this light sounds like a fit. There is another one at 260 watts, no Rspec. Am I on the right track? @dbrn32


Sounds like a couple of really good options. The 260 kit is probably enough for most people’s needs too. Were you saying that you don’t want the r-spec or that r-spec isn’t available?

@dbrn32. The 260 watt does not have Rspec available. The 320 does. I’m guessing that the heat profile of a 260 watt vs 320 watt is much different. Is 320 watt too much for a 3X3 ?

Too much is a stretch, but it’s a little more than is needed.

If you would rather have the r-spec, I would call growerslights and see if they can make it happen. Shouldn’t be difficult since they clearly have the components. if they won’t, you can order the parts and assemble yourself. r-spec boards with single board heatsinks are available for $100. Two of those and driver would run you about $260 plus shipping. Just frame up heatsinks into single fixture, and grab remaining stuff from Amazon

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Thanks dbrn32 for the help. As heat is a major concern, the 260 watt will probably suffice. I’m in a 2nd floor bedroom with no exhaust to the outside. Just into my room. All I’m looking for in my next grow are tight buds . I’m using a 600 watt Chinese LED now, buds so-so.


I think you’ll be pretty happy with the 260xw.