Lights left on for fours hours to long

What to do to fix it? Go back to original schedule or switch slowly back?

@Dahlia .give me more info please . lighting schedule .and such …sincerely Hammer

It was from 10:30 pm till 10:30 am. I messed up the timer and the light was still on at 2:30 pm, fours hours after they should have been off. I like the 10:30- 10:30 schedule. How do I get back to it?

And will they go hemaphrodite?

was this today ? Hammer

It was today.


I personal have messed up more than twice and everything was fine.
I believe you’ll be fine. And my plants never turned hermahrodite.
But it all depends on the strain also.


@Dahlia . if it was today reset it to the same time …as to mophing it can happen . but good genetics will help with this … But it is to be avoided … i use a plug in clock in my GR so if i loose power un knowingly itll show the wrong time and by how much … easy to reset all then . and faster to catch .:wink:… hope this help’s … If you need me faster Use @ emblem, no space in between and add my handle Hammer and itll show in my box . and ill be happy to assist you any way i can …:slight_smile: Hammer .

Thank you!

Thank you for your help.

@Dahlia Glad to be of service …Hammer

Oh that happened to me but it did not seem to bother the plant. Who knows it might have stressed them in a good way.

interrupting the light cycle as in changing it back and forth or having light During the normal dark period .Is Never A Good Kind Of Stress…Hammer