Lights in general


Hey Yoshi, we can talk about lights in general here? I am very pleased with my purchase of my Platinum p600. I have had great results since putting them up. Later, Mike


Yeah I think discussing is okay , but posting links on sales of other networks kind of take away from ILGM marketers , but it’s plenty of light options now that the green gold rush is taking off , a lot of venders are building better lights for cultivating good quality buds . But it’s different levels of investing depending on your purpose for growing . But I’ve been researching tons of lights and different brands on an overall basis to see which would be the best investment for me personally if I expand my growing space . But I like the new model MarsHydro Pro Series II Cree design , I grow now with Advance XTE LED lights right now and man they are a great product , I also like the DS XML 350 & 650 design with the 10 watt Cree LED , I would love to buy the Apache Tech AT 200 or 600 one day if I decide to go bigger which I’m trying to get an approval from my wife cause they are not cheap , and I just seen a few more different brands I like also , the Black Diamond perfect Sun led light , Heliospectra , Kind , Blackdog Pytho Max , and some of the cheaper models has impressed me also after seeing a few guys on here using them like Mehzi and Viparspectra which are affordable lights for cost , I like the Advance Spectrum Maxx it looks like a good product , and it’s a couple more I can trembled the name but they look like good models as well , but far a Par lumens and actual true watts is what you really want from your lights to get good intensity to your canopy .










@Garrigan what you think about Heliospectra ?


check out the “next light”


@yoshi what is your take on the marshydro reflector series I just order 2 of the reflector96s. I was wanting the marsII 700 but the reflectors were more in my price range.


Ok. I am going to ask a stupid question. What is the difference between putting down @garrigan or hi Garrigan? Also wondering about some of the cheaper lights. Are led’s going to flood the market like camcorders did so long ago… Boy I really told my age there! I feel prices will fall on them. Before I buy I do a little home work first to see how they measure up. Knowing about different spectrums and light intensity is so important when buying l.e.d.'s, learned that the hard way! All in all I am happy with my lights. Mike


@Allen13420 they work great , it’s just they first model but MarsHydro does well , they newer models has more to offer but they work .


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