Lights, how much is too much

Hi friends,
I have two 130 watt CFL lamp 6400K in a
Small grow box. Length 1170mm, Depth 520mm and height 790mm. Having problems with heat…
have a couple of fans working inside the box but not sure if the lights are over kill.
Advice please

Thanks in advance

A pic would help. Do u have a fan pulling hot air out of box or just blowing around inside? U have to pull heat out so it can take fresh cool air in.


I have small fan pulling air out, but I think it’s to low and not powerful enough. its a 120mm standard 12V.
And another moving air around.

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Oh ya, u need more air being pulled out. 12v fan just cant do it. Do u have a vent open on opposite side fan is on? This will allow fan to pull cooler air into the box as it oulls air out

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Thank you, I have another one similar. I’ll install it tomorrow.
Would you recommend higher or lower placement?

and how do I know if my plants are too far gone from heat stress?

Do you have pics

I would mount fan high and vent on opposite side and low. And lets see pic of ur plants

They look so sad…

I don’t know if you can save them are they autos? Or photos!!

I agree, you probably need a little more air moving through there. What do you have for intake?

Poor plant. Try a better ventilation, it should make a good difference.

Hi @Ja

Can I be honest with you. I dont think you prepared yourself from the start in the right way.

Have a look at the New Growers I❤GM Tool Kit

But please dont give up!!

Once you take some time to understand important basic fundamentals you can turn this grow around or your second crow will be fantastic!!

:point_right: New Growers I❤GM Tool Kit :point_left:

Thank you for all the advice. Those plants went from outside to inside and i’ll be honest, I rushed the grow space. So everything was reactionary. I have started again, and have everything I require. My grow is space is still only slightly too hot. Averaging 30 degrees and 60% humidity. These are just over a week old and are on 18/6 cycle grown in Coco feeding Canna A&B and Rhizo. Getting some leaf curl is this due to heat stress?

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It could be a number of things. Overwatering, too much nutrients or the space is still too hot. Hopefully you’re not feeding them full strenght at this point. They’re too young. Use half the amount of reccomended nutrients or less. Temps should not be higher than 77 Degrees. The light should be at least 25in away from the plant.

I’m using T5 fluros, have been feeding half measures of nutrients and watering every third day. I’m guessing it’s heat, but I’m not positive.

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Trust your instincts. You know better than anyone what your circumstances are.

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Not really… I’m on my second grow. First grow died a horrible death. So I’m really trying to take care. Thank for your input thought :raised_hands:t3:

Another thought.
Are you feeding everytime you water? That’s probably not good at this stage either.


Hi J, cool air pools low and hot air rises, having your “in” vent at the bottom and your “out” vent at the top will utilize natural convection increasing overall air exchange. In a tight space like that you may want to consider investing in LED, more bang for the buck as more electrons are transformed into protons thereby less electrons are transformed into thermal units (heat).
Another no no is bringing outdoor plants inside, there’s pests outside that will thrive indoors that otherwise have predators outside (aphids mites and others) challenging you to eradicate them by whatever means possible.
Don’t give up, hang around the forums and pick up all the knowledge offered here for FREE!

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I’m one on one off with Nutrients and balanced water. Every third day. :+1:t3: