Lights for tent

I am starting a small grow. Have a 4x4x80 I have an OG 1000 for light. Is this gonna get to hot for the girls? It is an air-cooled hood. With 8in inline. Hopefully doing 8 autos. Any insight would be highly appreciated


Use a thermometer/hygrometer combo…that will help you way more than anything you will be told to try…just dont start out with the lights too close…keep an eye on your leaves and they will ‘tell you’ what they need…good luck…:>)

That would depend on your ambient temps.

I’m not sure what OG stands for, but if it’s an HID light, that will be a lot of light. Typical ratio is 50 watts per sq.ft. for HID.

They are hps and it’s intense. Meter readings are Controlable. I only have 40 inches to play with and Everytime my girls get larger than intended. Thank you for the help and running a few more days to trial run things but temps are high but will be using co2. Just the constant filtering will make itmpoi t less

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