Lights for my veg tent

Ok last year I used a phlizon 600 watt light for my veg tent and 4) 132qb lights for my flower tent. I want to upgrade the lights in the veg tent what would you use. I’ll be taking the 600 watt light out oh the veg tent is 32”x32” and my flower tent is 3’x3’

I have the HLG 320 XW in my 3 x 3, and love it.


I’m thinking I’d like to stay with the qb looking lights there cheap to run and I had great results last year I’m just thinking that for veg And size of tent I don’t need them as strong as the flower tent

Would you consider going full DIY? You can build nice veg light for 32"x32" with 560mm led strips

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Ya you helped me with the qb132’s

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If you’re sure will only be a veg light, a hlg-120 full would be plenty. If you think you may want to flower, maybe an hlg-185

I can’t see the 185 is that a qb light

I see your saying a 560mm light stripes and a 185 driver how many 560mm stripes

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Depends on which strips you use. The eb gen2 14 will fit on hlg-185h-c700a. If you go with something like single row f-series from Samsung you would probably go with hlg-185h-c1050a driver and something like 8 strips.

Samsung strips are more expensive than bridgelux, and would be better with a heatsink as to where the eb’s you can usually mount on plate or some bar stock. So build cost for average is about a wash. I would say troll around some and look for good prices, discount codes, and stuff like that.

Thanks I’ll start looking now

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I would point you to exactly what I thought was best deal, but it’s been a while since I shopped for anything.

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